17 thoughts on “Hilarious Dictionary of Finnish Language And Culture”

  1. Nice. Another article discussing white-on-white issues. It’s almost as though POC don’t even exist.
    You fat, white womyn should die of shame.

  2. Any culture is racist that isnt black culture,because it isnt black culture?
    Culture that is seen in terms of racial division and not as common in terms of being people culture.How is it this probably doesnt make sense to a lot of people?

  3. If instead of Finland someone would make a similar post about some sub-Saharian dialect, that person would be called everything from racist downwards. People who see race everywhere are racist AF.

  4. As an American, we have a word for staying at home getting drunk in your underpants. It’s called “Florida”

  5. a Dutch saying is “shit in one hand and wish in the other: see which fills up first!”
    not Finnish, i know, but it’s funny.

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