18 thoughts on “Americans Are Using Face Masks To Fight Against STD”

  1. Keep dreamin’, kids.

    Four More Years! FOUR MORE YEARS!

    (downvote if you live in your mommies basement)

  2. Clown Nation. With the circus on Capital Hill, you don’t need any enemies.

  3. Yeah, right – four more years of idiocy and embarrassment. You can do the right thing, or you can vote for Trump. You cannot do both concurrently.

  4. STD = “Stupid Thoughtless Democrat”
    Wait till Uncle Joe pulls himself out of the basement to see how dumb you really are.

  5. I’m with you, Max. Plenty of funny stuff out there that doesn’t just sophomorically piss off half the country.

  6. Odd, I though this was a site of cats and humor, give it rest, we need laughs not some post of people who, 3 years after their girl lost are still pissed and full of hate

  7. I feel sorry for Americans who have to choose one of the two mistakes. Let America bring some democracy to itself.

  8. in the u.s., businessmen become successful in part because they know how to work the system. taxpayer funded stadiums, real estate money laundering, varying property evaluations depending on who’s asking, tax loopholes, dead peaswant insurance, etc.

    and then, they run for public office.

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