21 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Gallery of Men In Socks And Sandals”

  1. In almost every single picture… there’s more wring then just the socks 🤯🙀🤣

  2. Back in the ’70s when I was a kid, my father possessed a special outfit he wore in the summer when he took us to Sears to browse the Craftsman aisles. Picture this: black and yellow tartan shirt, burgundy and white plaid shorts (polyester), and black shoes in black mesh sandals. Horrific.

  3. 99% men wear sandals with socks cos its fúnkyng cold without them even at 25°C in the summer.
    1% henpecked men and 100% women: look at those unfashionable guys.

  4. My dad wore socks with sandals…what was bad was he wore like a size 15W shoe. So, it was scary to see, BUT…NO ONE is going to say squat to a guy as big as he was NO MATTER WHAT. LOL!! he would happily wear his size 3 or 4X denim shorts or jeans, T shirt or other shirt and his sandals with socks pretty much ANYWHERE…except church.

  5. I wear socks with sandals for the same reason I wear socks with other shoes, because I don’t want my feet to sweat and get all nasty. Do I care what people think about that? Why should I? I’m not in high school.

  6. The one with the red plaid socks made me want to die because one, it looks painful, two, those were wool in the summer. That would make me really hot🥵. Temperature wise.

  7. Pleated blue tartan miniskirt with a pale yellow tshirt, sandals and… a big f-off motorbike frr that masculine touch… Contrived and far-fetched fashionistas couldn’t think that up. Genius.

  8. well, while some of the guys in these pictures are overweight and rather ugly, your point is…..????? Socks are fine with sandals. What would-be fashion diktator says otherwise? You could just as easily have shown hot, muscled, buff, handsome men in socks and sandals. Then what would you say? Still use eye bleach? (whatever that is).

  9. I don’t like male shaming. As I don’t like either female shaming. :/
    People don’t know how to wear some trends, that’s not reason to make jokes about that.

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