Vaccine Research: Who Would You Trust?

Who would you trust? An actual scientist or anti-vax mom sitting in the toilet browsing her phone?



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  1. Anonymous February 29, 2020

    I’m not sure… What model of phone is that?

  2. Anonymous February 29, 2020

    Anonymous has a faint odor of borscht and despair about them.

    Don’t engage.

  3. Anonymous March 1, 2020

    My favorite comment, “Leave Name blank to comment as Anonymous.” Haha, Capt. Obvious!

  4. Anonymous March 2, 2020

    On a related note, a flat earther blew themselves up trying to launch themselves into space

  5. NeverTrumper March 2, 2020

    I always type it to make sure it’s Anonymous…you never know when it will insert some other name…ah darn…

  6. Anonymous March 2, 2020

    Flat earther got flattened by the round earth

  7. Logic April 5, 2020

    I would trust ati-vax mom reaserch

  8. Logic April 5, 2020


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