Meet Pompous Albert: The Angriest Cat on Instagram

Cats from the Selkirk Rex breed are known to be¬†friendly, playful and even cuddly, but you really couldn’t tell by looking at Pompous Albert. His constantly frowned face makes him look like the angriest, most unfriendly cat in the world, but it’s also the source of his online fame.

Angriest cat ever.

Angriest cat ever?

Angriest cat ever.

He doesn't like his new hat.

He's not amused.

He's tired of your nonsense.

He's tried of your bullshit.

He doesn't like his new friend.

Angry cat glamour shot.

He doesn't like the other cat.

Grumpiest cat ever.

Angry cat playing with an angry bird.

He hates everything.

He's plotting to kill you.

He hates you.

Angriest cat ever...

He's coming to murder you.

Angry cat is angry.

He hates everything and everyone.

Grumpy cat is grumpy.

8 thoughts on “Meet Pompous Albert: The Angriest Cat on Instagram”

  1. Someone needs to put Clockwork Orange stuff on this cat. The eye, the hat, the boots. That stare is perfect. So Kubrickian.

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