7 thoughts on “Cows At Night Look Terrifying”

  1. Many animals look like this (but we don’t). That’s because lots of animals have what’s caused a ‘tapetum lucidum’ in their eyes. It’s a reflective surface behind the retina, and it means that any light entering the eye gets bounced around until it is detected by the retina. That’s why sheep, cows, horses, dogs, cats etc. can see better than we can in the dark. Of course, once you shine a flashlight, it just means that you can see the animal really well if it’s looking in your general direction.

  2. Me: *plays Minecraft* what a lovely day (: *holds out a piece of hay on accident and goes to inventory*

    Also me: *comes back into game*

    The sheep, cows, and pigs:
    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘ whatcha got there, buddy?

  3. Cows scare me a lot. Try being alone in the dark and hear something u turn ur light on it. It’s not saying anything but the fact that u don’t know what it is. Or what the hell has eyes that far apart. Scares you in the dark.

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