People Share The Most Ridiculous Movie Clichés

Movies are filled with hilarious clichés that just don’t make any sense, and there is no chance any of them would work in the real world, so Twitter users came together to point out the most ridiculous examples.

Hello, I'm an alien in a movie and I want to invade planet earth - when I say planet earth, I mean the US.

Well, now. I'm the police tech who can miraculously enhance that grainy bit of CCTV footage and zoom in so that you can see the killer's reflection in the victim's wedding ring. Everything will be controlled by me hammering furiously at the keyboard, and I'll never hit ENTER.

Hello. I'm a computer geek in a movie. I can break into any system by typing random keys extremely fast then shouting I'm in! All the while this is happening green text will be projected scrolling up my face. My T shirt has a band on it too.

I am a suburban/urban housewife in a movie about my kids. Every morning I make a full four course breakfast, and every morning each member of my family eats a bite of toast, bolts down two gulps of orange juice, and rushes out the door. do I just throw the rest away? nobody knows

Hi, I'm a pregnant lady in a movie. My waters break in a huge gush at the most inconvenient time while I experience my first and very painful contraction. Very soon I push a 3 month old out in one screaming heave. Baby is miraculously not attached to anything.

Hello, I am a chubby black woman in a movie. I am just here to be your sassy friend with the witty comebacks. Mostly, I'll just say "Girrrrrrllllllluh" and "mm hm" a lot in addition to shaking my head in disapproval.

Hello, I'm a professor in a movie, I only reach the main point of my lecture right as class is ending. Then I yell at students about the reading / homework as they leave.

Hello, I'm the Eiffel Tower in a movie, you can see me from every single window of every building in Paris.

Hi, i'm a nerdy girl in your local high school, you probably haven't noticed me because i wear glasses & my hair in a tight braid. That is, until some girls give me a makeover for the prom, i take off the glasses & let my hair down (literally) then you see my true beauty.

Hello, I'm a writer in a movie. I write one piece a week and live in a two bedroom New York apartment with a walk-in wardrobe. Also I never actually pitch anywhere, the jobs just come to me.

Hello, I'm a grocery bag in a movie. I always have a baguette in me and I'm alway made of paper with no handles.

I'm a military radar technician in a movie and I don't exist until I say "sir, you'd better take a look at this" and then I'm never seen or heard from again.

I'm a mom in a sitcom. My hair, body, and clothes are perfect, and I'm gorgeous and look 20. My husband is balding, fat, and looks 40.

Hi, I'm a soldier in a movie. I show you a picture of my girlfriend and at that point you realise I'm the first to get sh...

Hi, I'm any character in a movie that uses a taxi. After reaching the destination, I don't wait to hear the cost; I simply pull out any money from my wallet, hand it to the cabby and don't wait for any change. I could be handing out hundreds and never know. Now I may be broke.

Hello, I'm a lab scientist in a movie. I wear my hair down in flowing waves, and don no gloves as I handle chemicals with the pipette I'm holding the wrong way. Also test results come in a split second at the push of a button on a miracle machine.

Hi. I`m the new temporary teacher in a high school, whose class is deemed unteachable. I know, however, that they are `good kids` who `have been let down by society` After facing a crisis with the school board, the kids start studying, get A grades and go to college.

Hi, I'm the doctor wheeling your wife into emergency surgery. I'll let you sprint through the halls of the hospital with us until we reach a particular set of double doors where I will turn to you and say, "Please wait outside, let me do my job."

Hello, I'm a single woman living alone in a densely-populated urban center in a movie. When someone is chasing me, I run inside my apartment, slam the door, and place my back against the door... but I never LOCK the door.

I'm a mathematician in a movie (or anywhere in popular culture), all I do all day is write equations on glass.

96 thoughts on “People Share The Most Ridiculous Movie Clichés”

  1. Hi, I’m the bad guy (British of course) and I and my entire crew always and only drive the newest and most expensive Range Rover, in black of course.

  2. hello, i’m every microphone in every movie ever, i am always mixed so badly that i feed back as soon as anyone comes anywhere near me!

  3. I’m the parking space in midtown Manhattan (or any other major city) that is miraculously available directly in front of every office and apartment building.

  4. Hello, I am a picturesque old church. Although I am in a remote location and usually approached at dead of night, I am always unlocked and filled with blazing candles.

  5. I am a baddie who cant tell the “r’s” from the “l’s”. I always narrow my eyes when I think and plot. I am velly bad and have tliad connections. My childlen…what childlen.. no one goes to the Ivy League Universities cos who is interested in our families ? I am Chinese and and work in a restaurant

  6. Hi, I’m the truck driver that almost just ran you over, I honked once or twice really loudly then kept driving, never bothering to stop and see if property was destroyed or anyone was unhurt.

  7. Hi, I’m a 55yr old Scandinavian police detective, I’m antisocial to the point where you’d think someone would say something. I never do paperwork and my 25yr old femaile colleague fancies me. I drive a lot.

  8. Hello, I’m a female in a movie whose only purpose is to be kidnapped so the male lead/s can look heroic rescuing me. Even though I’m a grown woman with a name I will be constantly referred to as “the girl” by both the bad guys & good guys.

  9. Hello, I am the female romantic interest who always falls down, becomes incapacitated, and can only cry helplessly when fleeing from monsters or bad guys.

    I also stand by helplessly while you are getting the sh– beat out of you.

  10. Hello, I am the hero of the movie. I can take punches to the gut that would kill an actual human being and blows to the head that leave me unconscious for several hours, then wake up, shake it off, and resume extreme physical activity and fist fights with no lasting ill effects. There are areas of my body that a bullet can pass through without causing me any real injury and I never lose enough blood to slow me down.

  11. Hello, I am the couple in a movie fleeing extreme danger. In the midst of running from psychotic killers, I like to stop in an old barn and make love in the hay, and am relaxed enough to then sleep like a baby until I wake up and realize it’s the next day. I never suffer the effects of trauma or get PTSD.

  12. Hello. I am Apartment box’s brother. I am the box the executive/cubicle dweller gets when he suddenly and unjustly gets sacked. Desk lamp? Small potted plant? Picture of wife and kids? Check on all counts.

  13. Hello, I am an automobile carrying the main characters in a chase scene of an action movie. I am capable of punching radiator-first through brick walls, police cars, SWAT team trucks, concrete barriers, badguy Range Rovers, whatever you like, without suffering any significant damage to critical components. I can jump over any object without the need for any takeoff or landing ramp, and continue driving despite the slowmo footage clearly showing my chassis bending, and steering and suspension components buckling beyond repair. I can also be parked anywhere without being locked, ever.

  14. Hello, I am any aeroplane in any movie. I never sound like the actual aeroplane shown on screen, and I can easily be flown by anyone that cares to sit at the controls, . I can take thousands of high-explosive projectile hits with no ill effects. After running out of fuel, I will develop glide characteristics akin to that of an Albatross, yet still explode into a fiery mess on impact , somehow.

  15. Hello, I’m a weary policeman/detective who’s working my last day on the job. I tell everyone about how I can’t wait to retire and either move to a ranch or drive around the country in an RV with my wonderful wife. I will obviously be killed before the end of the day.

  16. Hello, I’m the BAD GUYS who are about to take over an airport, or building. And you can tell because we only dress in all black, carry gym bags, use few words, and we never smile.

  17. I’m the person looking for a parking place in NYC, and I pull up right by the door of the building I’m going to.

  18. I work on an American Air Force base, as I exit the building, there is a foreign military’s armoured vehicle parked on the road.

  19. Hello. I am every horse in the chase scene of movie. I never shy from bullets, cars, trucks or flying objects. I can gallop flat out, non stop, for an indeterminate length of time on any surface without damaging my legs and always stay just ahead of the bad guys.

  20. Hi, I’m the curtain that is always open when people are waking up in the morning.
    Sunshine in their face, hair and make-up still looking perfect.

  21. Hi I’m the retired ex-CIA or ex-FBI agent and I’m the only one that can save the world.
    Because who needs cops or the army!?

  22. That NYC is full of alleys that criminals run into or which all kinds of nefarious things take place, when in fact there are only a few alleys in NYC. The same alley gets used in all such scenes in movies and television shows.

  23. I’m the character who’s been shot. Never mind whatever organ and tissue damage there is, you’ve GOT TO GET THE BULLET OUT! If you don’t get that bullet OUT, I’m gonna die! Grab those salad tongs and start fishin’ around in the wound, because the only thing that will save me, … is to get that bullet out!

  24. Hello, I am a female police assistent that always wears stilleto’s and very, very low cut tops.

  25. I’m the male lead in every disaster movie. When the disaster hits, I’ll convince those around me to accompany me on my quest to reunite with my family unit, who is far away. Most of them will die horribly as a result.

  26. I’m the old remote cabin deep in the woods in a movie. Even if I’ve been abandoned for years, no brush has grown up around me. There’s enough space in my front yard for an old pick-up and several cop cars. Also, people like to have sex on my floor without first sweeping up mouse droppings.

  27. Hi! I’m the foreigner who has lived in the US for 70 years and still sound like a foreigner….

  28. don’t forget straight young couple pickup goes back to the girls apartment and is so horny.
    They tear each others clothes off and destroy the apartment by having sex on ever surface smashing things in the process the bed is only for waking up in?

  29. Hi! I’m literally any animal in a Disney film that follows the protagonists everywhere. I don’t act like the animal I’m drawn as, I act like a dog.

  30. Hi, I am a character in the pursuit, which always among the alleys is spreading fruits, pushes people and falls into hangers, without losing speed and not changing the distance with the one that is chasing me.

  31. hello, i am a woman who is not feeling well and always finds out she is pregnant. women are never sick from anything else but pregnancy.

  32. I’m an airplane taking off. I have 4 reciprocating engine driven propellers… but the sound track tells you I’m a jet!

  33. Hi! We’re a couple who broke up/got a divorce/are in the process of getting a divorce in almost any action movie. During the course of the story, we discover by facing some random hardships that we really love each other and get back together for a fairy-tale ending and live happily ever after. It really is that easy!

  34. I’m your domestic cat in any film. i never scratch your furniture, puke on your carpet or shit in your bathtub.

  35. Hi, I’m a Taxi driver. I am always insane and usually criminal.

    I will never just drive you to your destination and let you out.

  36. Hello, I’m any character in a movie talking on a phone. When the conversation is over I just hang up and never ever waste more words or time by saying “Goodbye”.

  37. Hi I’m a table in a bar. In a fist fight I shatter into a million pieces but in a gun fight I’m bulletproof!

  38. Hi, I’m a car from Fast & Furious. My transmission has about 37 gears that need to be constantly shifted.

  39. Hello. I’m the policeman at the end of every action/horror movie. The other cops and I only show up until after all the drama we were supposed to prevent is over. The camera always pans to me arresting the villain and putting him in the back of the police car while I say a snarky remark to him.

  40. Hello, I’m a bomb. I always explode at the right time, and I’m so precise at what I do that the movie hero can always walk away from me calm and cool, facing the camera, and in slow-mo you’ll see he doesn’t even flinch. Not even a spark reaches him.

  41. Hello, I’m the silencer on a gun. I work on any type of weapon, including semi-automatic revolvers. Even better, I almost completely silence the gun, so that anyone more than five feet away cannot hear the gun firing.

  42. hi, im the homeless person that you see near the climax of every movie, i give the protaganist good life advice so they can become a better hero/person

  43. Hi, I’m a detective. I always arrive late at a crime scene where there is already ‘do not cross’ tape everywhere. Some cops are telling bystanders to keep distance. I flash my badge and there I go. I’m hearing the sound of a police radio, a witness is sitting in the back of an ambulance under a blanket.

  44. Hello, I’m the superhero who can fly really fast but have conversations with the person I’m holding in my arms, who is probably my girlfriend or love interest, and neither one of us get cold, despite the fact that we’re wearing next to nothing.

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