The Happiest People On Earth

There’s nothing like the feeling of being freshly divorced. So happy for them!

He quits.


The end of an error.

Just divorced.


So long, honey.


Happiest guy on Earth.

Honk if you are single.

Position open.

Smart guy in a Smart car.

Divorce day! Yes!


Good for her! Congrats!

No wifey.

She got half.

Just divorced!

Just divorced :)

Just divorced.

7 thoughts on “The Happiest People On Earth”

  1. Yay, let’s celebrate your complete lack of any sense of responsibility and utter inability to solve problems as an adults. Also emotionally crippling your children, that’s always nice.

  2. not all married people have kids, and why would you spend the rest of your life with someone you dont truly love or cant stand to be with? now THATS irresponsible.

  3. I don’t understand the white Ford Taurus dragging the red plastic jugs. Is there some significance to those?

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