Silly Sack: Perfect Costume For Shy Dancers

Bad dancers are like a cross between a drunk octopus and a malfunctioning robot trying to climb and invisible ladder. Their moves are so clumsy and awkward, you’d think they were auditioning for a new reality show called “So You Think You Can Dance?”. But how can you become a better dancer if you’re too shy about your appalling skills that you’re afraid to try? That’s where the Silly Sack comes in! It’s a dancing sack that’s made from a very stretchy fabric that won’t hinder movement whatsoever and come in a range of colors and even kids’ sizes too so they can join the fun. Now you can practice dancing and remain completely anonymous.

Silly Sack in action.

If you’re here, you probably dread going to parties because you know your moves are more cringe-worthy than a dad joke. But that’s no way to live your life. Parties are awesome. Why skip them only because of your lacking dance moves? With this useful clothing item, you can bust a move like a maniac without fear of judgment or ridicule. You can flail your arms, stomp your feet, and do the worm all without anyone knowing it’s you. It’s like dancing incognito, but way more ridiculous.

Silly Sack dancing.

But the Silly Sack isn’t just for terrible dancers. Don’t want to put on makeup and clean set of clothes when going to a grocery store? Don’t want to say “Hi!” to your neighbor while taking out the trash? This thing got you covered! Actually… it might be a good idea to move into the Silly Sack permanently. Why struggle with everyday pressure of having to look respectable when you can just give up and live in a stretchy bag like a butterfly caterpillar in a pupa?

Silly Sack dancing.

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