12 thoughts on “Hilariously Cringy Dadjokes Added To Stock Photos (Part 2)”

  1. Sorry, buzzkill here, but just as an aside, I used two cans of that Spectracide stuff recently and it was useless. (Wait, is that the “Sad and Useless” tie-in?) Get Raid. Unless you want to open each wasp’s mouth individually and spray Spectracide in them one-by-one.

  2. mood, I recommend you open each wasp’s mouth and spray binaca in it. you won’t kill them, but their breath will smell fantastic. Then douse th’nest in wd40 at night and light it on fire.

  3. I’m of the opinion that the creators and real users of Stock photos, should be placed on the wheel, and every single bone crushed.

  4. iStock isn’t the same as it was ten years ago, before they got bought by Getty. It used to be hilarious. Every search devolved into a morass of low-budget photoshoots — bad lighting, poor image quality, less-than-top-tier models doing questionable things. And the descriptions were wonderful. They all seem to have been written by Slovakians with a tenuous grasp on English — or straight copy and paste from Google Translate. Thems was the days.

  5. Hey Mood Killer ! get the biggest Dish soap bottle I like the pop tops. thin layer of dish soap & fill with water Squirt & watch um drop. you dont even have to run. It works

    Love the literal humor

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