Funny Illustrated Puns

Everybody loves jokes, puns, and silly drawings. So illustrator duo Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar decided to combine those three things in two books – you can get Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Amazon. Check out some of our favorites below!

USB pun.

Brilliant pun.

Silly pun.

Dead chemist pun.

Guitar pun.

Bear pun.

Ladder pun.

Flag pun.

Dog pun.

Bison pun.

Zoo pun.

Bug pun.

Elephant pun.

Legs pun.

Then it hit me...

Signs pun.

Silly pun.

Chicken pun.

Funny pun.

Blood pun.

Clock pun.

30 thoughts on “Funny Illustrated Puns”

  1. What do you call an American president responsible for getting thousands of people killed in Afghanistan, distributing thousands of COVID positive, unvaccinated illegals to cities all over the country and who fondles little girls? Nothing. We pretend none of this is happening because we’re leftists. At least he doesn’t tweet mean things that hurt people’s feelings.

  2. What do we call disinformation talking points errantly placed in the comments section of a humor website?


  3. Well seeing as American presidents have been sending troops to Afghanistan for 20 years, it’s safe to think that all of the presidents the US has had in at least the last 20 years been the same ol’ sheeit, just a different face. Old men need to be kicked in the saggy nutsacks and GTFO of Washington. Power to the vagina!

  4. Disinformation talking points? Humor website? You are wrong on both counts. Just what I would expect from a Biden voter.

  5. Biden Derangement Syndrome is a serious illness that affects thousands of people each year, and the symptoms can include: chronic butt-hurt outrage, susceptibility to misinformation and vaguely worded/sourced conspiracy theories, irritability, loss of critical-thinking skills, and–in some cases–allergic reactions to facts and logic.

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  6. Hey anon, taking break from Dailymail to spew some hate on a humor site you traitorous piece of trump trash. How unamerican of you.

  7. Puns.. they kill me. It’s as if they sting me like a bee. Maybe I should BEE more careful. ( NOT sorry. ;) )

  8. Wow! Some of you Biden supporters seems a little sensitive. Could it be that the failure of his policies might be negatively impacting you and the cognitive dissonance is making you upset?

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  11. You get em Tired! Tell that Russian bot how things are better now with Joe and Kamala in charge! Immigration is now under control, inflation is good for wages and we are finally respected in the world with an adult like Joe in charge of our foreign policy. It’ll take years to recover from all the damage that Trump did, right?

  12. Why we are here- Humour or humor is the tendency of experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement
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  13. It ALMOST makes me sorry I didn’t have children. I could have made THEIR kids’ eyes roll when I showed them this batch of S&D stuff!

  14. I’m here because what is happening in Afghanistan is too important to ignore. Because of Biden’s incompetence there are people there who will now be mis-gendered and not have their pronouns respected by the Taliban. I’m extremely disappointed in you for not standing against this atrocity. Sometimes I wonder if you even get it.

  15. I have been coming to this site for a long time to find some humour. Anonymous, if you can’t talk about what is on this site then for the sake of all of us, stay away.

  16. Concerned, God forbid you have to think about the results of your vote for Biden. All of you damnable people have blood on your hands.

  17. I’m with Anon. I’ve been coming to this site for years, too. I remember the anti-Trump “humor” and have yet to see anything posted about Biden. You people condemning anon for expressing his opinion need to check yourselves until you treat Biden with the same judgement you used against Trump. Have you not seen the pictures coming out of Afghanistan? This is all on you.

  18. Twenty years of conflict in Afghanistan, started by a Republican president, and four presidents (two republican, two democrat) clearly means that all of this is on the hands of Democrats.

    Screw sunk cost fallacies, or the diminishing returns of our presence, we should have stayed there *another* twenty years and sunk even more trillions into the country! Last year, when Drumpf signed the agreement with the Taliban to withdraw U.S. forces, the MAGA crowd was quick to praise the man’s “political savvy & deal making skills”.

    Wonder what changed.

  19. Trump would not have left Americans to be tortured by the Taliban, among many other things.

  20. Trump as Bud Dwyer???? I think someone read my comment telling them to not talk politics, and for some reason, they thought they should make that particular comment political. I guess the person was not inspired by Budd Dwyer’s actions after all. Ugh…..

    And all I want is to enjoy some nihilistic humor without having to hear politics.

  21. Can all of you self-appointed politicians just shut up? This is a humor site, not a debate club If you feel so inclined to spread your political ideologies, this isn’t the place to do it.

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