16 thoughts on “Terrifying Plush Toys by Anna Sternik”

  1. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!

  2. Love the teeth and lips…
    not sure i want to know where she gets them from lol

  3. Curiously, the only things that make them terrifying are human – eyes and teeth. The rest is actually cute.

  4. These look an awful lot like the Fugglers shown on this site a year or two ago. Are these from the same ETSY creator?

  5. These will end up in dumpsters or in thrift shops where they will be photographed and end up on the internet again

  6. To answer my own question, no, Anna and Mrs. McGettrick (who created Fugglers,) are 2 different people. Not sure if either are still operating since COVID hit, however. Crashemup, my nieces still have the fuggler I bought them 2 years ago. Kids seem to love fugglers. Probably the same is true for Uncanny Creatures. It may be a bit of time before these things go to the secondhand stores….. Kids are weird…

  7. The fugglers brand was sold to a big American company a few years ago and proceeded in mass production of a few different types of fuggler, they were very cheap and tacky. Don’t think they took off once they got there hands on them. I’m pleased to say I have one of the original Fugglers and he definitely won’t end up in a charity shop!

  8. Would not let my kid play with them not bc of her she loves literally anything creepy but bc I would be scared

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