So You Can Now Buy Fishnet Stockings For Your Dog…

We hate to be the one’s to have to bring this to your attention, but apparently fishnet stockings for dogs is now a thing. Yeah, we’re pretty bummed about it too, but this is just where we are as a society. We’ve hit the point of no return.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

If you’ve ever felt the need to put some fishnet stockings on your dog but your human pair was too large and they just slipped right off your dog, you’re in luck! Because these tiny fishnet stockings are made just for dogs!

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

We can’t tell if there’s a company actually making stockings for dogs, or their just repurposing fishnet stockings for smaller people and claiming that their for dogs. Either way it’s weird, confusing, and somewhat disturbing. We are not here to tell you that your dog needs fishnet stockings, we’re here just to bring it to your attention so you can decide for yourself. There’ll be no judgement passed… well, maybe a little bit of judgment.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

The dog fishnet stockings are made from polycarbonate, are black in color, and are meant to just go over the rear end of your dogs. They’ll make a funny Halloween costume for your dog if you choose to use it for that, otherwise if you’re a complete weirdo you can just put your dog into stockings for no reason.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

Fishnet stockings for dogs.

What do you think? Would you put fishnet stockings on your dog? If the answer is YES, you can get them on Amazon. If the answer is NO, please tell us in comments how dumb and weird this product is.



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  1. jeb May 4, 2021

    this is for perv’s

  2. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    Poor doggies

  3. Michelle May 4, 2021

    Why, just why?

  4. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    Please………just someone please stop this planet.
    I want to get off.

  5. RSPCA May 4, 2021

    Those dons need re-homing. Now.

  6. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    they aer cute, they look like living hams.

  7. Crashemup May 4, 2021


  8. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    Why not just love the dog and not do this kind of shite…..

  9. Anonymous May 5, 2021

    Poor little tykes. Someone call the ASCPA – I’m really afraid for them.

  10. Anonymous May 5, 2021

    Cats would have gladly clawed out the eyes of anyone trying this on them.

  11. GIJOE66 May 10, 2021


  12. me. May 13, 2021

    poor doggows!

  13. Anonymous May 25, 2021

    What a waste of all the resources used to make and transport such a silly product

  14. Anonymous September 5, 2021

    Give me a break! How many dogs will actually keep them on? Our’s would tear them off in two seconds.

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