14 thoughts on “Photos That Prove Yesterday’s Party Went Really Well”

  1. The guy with the vegetable body! The carrot hands and feet and the bean sprout pubic area are excellent!

  2. Who you choose to hang out with says a lot about your character. Although, some of these people got an upgrade.

  3. The highlighter time guy’s makeup looks really great.

    However, Vegan Monster and Taped Unicorn are priceless. The dude with the pubic hair implants all over his face is a very close second.

  4. I just hope they left air holes for the duct tape guy or it may be replaced with crime scene tape. The cat whiskers and tuxedo, had me really rolling.

  5. I have been to a few party’s in my day but nothing like these guys damm glad I went home when I did

  6. These are great, Debz. Hope all is well with you. Tell Mike and princess I said hello. We need to get together and have caramels again soon. But not if you guys are just going to throw grilled cheese sandwiches at my antlers again.


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