20 Times People Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums

Do you find classic art a bit hard to relate to? So do us, but that could easily change upon a find like these guys stumbled upon when they uncovered their identical doubles in old paintings! But the words won’t do it justice, so better scroll down and see for yourself.

They must be sisters.


They must be brothers.

Art museum look-a-likes.

Separated at birth?

They really look identical!

Art musem double.

Art museum doppelgänger.

Time traveler or just a look-a-like?

Doppelgänger knight.

Funny painting doppelgänger.

Weird Al doppelgänger.

Art doppelgängers.

Art museum doppelgänger.

Funny case beautiful art museum doppelgänger.

Baby painting look-a-like.

Funny case of art museum doppelgänger.

Funny coincidence.

He found his double in an old painting.

Real-life version of a painting.



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  1. Tigellinus...again December 3, 2018

    Of all the 7 billion+ people in the world I would place only these guys into the one spaceship leaving our dying earth to populate a new planet. That’s how much I love you all.

  2. salocinten December 30, 2018

    https://bit.ly/2GNfoyz Is that Wierd Al Yankovic?

  3. Anonymous February 5, 2019

    I’d say only 3 pics qualified. And dude in red shorts is just unacceptable on all levels lol

  4. ron gillies February 5, 2019

    How did you do that?

  5. Anonymous May 6, 2019

    It looks like Weird Al

  6. Anonymous August 13, 2019

    yup, number 11 is Weird Al

  7. Anonymous April 1, 2021

    def weird al

  8. Anonymous April 26, 2021

    The baby one is BS. All white babies look like that.

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