So You Can Now Buy a Nipple Knit Top…

It’s not easy to be a fashionable woman in this day and age when everything changes so fast. Just a regular boring knit top is no longer enough. Now you must cover it with nipples keep up with the times! This weird sweater is made and sold by Fashion Brand Company, a tongue-in-cheek company run by Penelope Gazin and costs $95. Visit her store here and get yours today, because it’s important to support small companies that make stupid stuff!

Nipple knit top.

Nipple knit top.

Nipple knit top.

Nipple knit top.

Nipple knit top.


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  1. nonipples June 29, 2021

    nice shorts, BTW :D

  2. Nee Pell June 29, 2021

    Guys: It’s a trap! Just one more reason for women to scoff and say, “My eyes are up here.”

  3. Airy-ola June 29, 2021

    @Nonnipples: Agreed…that had my attention more so than the nips!

  4. Ms. Ogynist. June 30, 2021

    Bad case of butterface.

  5. M'balz Izhari June 30, 2021

    Ms. Ogynist.

    Didn’t even notice she had a face.

  6. Anonymous July 2, 2021

    Ms Ofynist , and that’s why you never get laid lol


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