The Funniest “What Idiot Called It…” Tweets

Some people believe that puns are the lowest form of comedy possible. We humbly believe that these people are wrong. One of our favorite puntastic joke categories is “what idiot called it X and not Y,” where a word that everyone knows is taken and a punny alternative is suggested to replace it. Simple but effective and almost guaranteed to improve your mood and crack a smile.

what idiot called it a "randomized clinical trial controlled with placebo" and not "trick or treatment"

Who called it your foot falling asleep and not coma toes?

What idiot called it "insomnia" and not "resisting a rest"?

What idiot called it "car repair" and not "autocorrect"?

What idiot called it Paris Fashion Week instead of French dressing?

what idiot called him alexander graham bell instead of the lord of the rings

What idiot called them high heels instead of arch enemies

What idiot called it an injury lawyer and not a trip advisor?

What idiot named it hereditary depression instead of blue genes.

what idiot called it a stepdad and not a faux pa

What idiot called it a vet instead of a dogtor

What idiot called it a wall with Mexico and not "Trump's Borderline Erection"

What idiot named it a bra instead of a booby trap

What idiot called it the Iliad and not Troy Story?

what idiot called it a moon enthusiast and not a lunatic

what idiot named it jurassic world instead of parks and rex

what idiot called it dadbod and not father figure

What idiot named it a mugshot and not a cellfie?

What idiot called it Mufasa's image in the clouds and not simbalism?

What idiot called it a mirror and not a self checkout

What idiot called it the toaster and not the tanning bread?

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