18 thoughts on “This Brave Man Keeps Protesting Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Signs (New Pics)”

  1. Hectoring and bossy about petty, trivial things while at the same time making banal, ‘establishment’ slogans about important things. I can’t tell whether this guy is intentionally or accidentally satirising the millennial attitude?

  2. @Stop You are so smart, using those big words. You must be fun at parties and doing great with ladies.

  3. … and, the personal attack. Immediately accusing someone you disagree with of being an awful human being is also a millennial trait I’ve noticed.

    People are allowed to think, feel and react differently from you Lolfosor!

  4. His messages feel like a breath of fresh air. Like finally finding a good ad between the millions of shitty ads that pop up on youtube.

  5. @Stop, it’s annoying that every post i go on, there’s always people that find things to hate about it! This is meant to be a humor site! If you think it’s that bad to have a little fun, leave.

  6. Can’t believe no one has posted that… he is really hot. I think he’s doing this because the pics show off his triceps well.

  7. I love this website, the guy who owns it needs to go through all of the comment sections and post the funniest ones out of context.

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