“Mighty Harvest” Community Shares Hilarious Harvest Fails

Growing something nutritious and delicious is very rewarding. Tomatoes, peppers, apples… Everything just tastes better than fruits and vegetables from the store. However, the reality of what you harvest does not always meet the expectations. When it happens, it might end up on r/MightyHarvest subreddit. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Mighty harvest.

Tonight we feast on potatoes!

Would anyone like some lemon water?

Such a plentiful harvest I shall have to gift some to family & friends.

Time to make the world's spiciest curry.

Very large harvest. Very small dog.

Time to make strawberry jam for my neighbours.

Jumping on the tiny chilli pepper bandwagon with the only Carolina Reaper i managed to grow this year.

Scalloped potatoes for the whole family.

Harvested some broccoli for tonight's stir fry!

Mighty cucumber.

Ready to begin harvesting. Need advice on canning.

Three and a half months delivered this beast just in time for our village's annual Easter feast.

Two years of waiting for our one and only lemon.

This should sustain us through the winter.

Took me hours to slice this baby up. Hopefully this should end global hunger.

Mighty pumpkin.

Time to make some scallion pancakes.

My kids had been so excited to grow watermelon, but less than enthused about our end of summer harvest.

Mighty harvest.

In six months I was able to turn one clove of garlic into one clove of garlic with a stem.

9 thoughts on ““Mighty Harvest” Community Shares Hilarious Harvest Fails”

  1. I needed to see this! It makes me feel better than my marble sized beets, non-existent zucchini, and pear tree yield were not nature’s revenge against just me.

  2. We tried growing carrots once with the kids. After a couple months, we had these big plumes of sprouting foliage. Harvest day arrived and we plucked a dozen or so carrots that were 2-3 inches in diameter and roughly an inch long. Thank God for famers.

  3. Ah yup! I can relate to ALL of that! No matter where I place the garden, or how I prepare the soil (compost, etc.), or protect it from varmints, I get bupkiss for a harvest.

  4. Did anyone else hear the “squeeze-pop” sound for the first photo?

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