Middle Finger GIF Gallery For Your Enemies

What better way to tell someone how you feel about them than a middle finger GIF? Scroll down and choose your favorite from thing lovingly made collection!

Middle finger GIF with a swing.

Middle finger fishing GIF.

Look what I found!

Funny middle finger GIF.

Energetic middle finger GIF.

This one is for you.

Energetic middle finger gif.

Middle finger lipstick GIF.

Middle finger GIF.

Middle finger GIF dance.

Look what I found!

Middle finger GIF.

Middle finger GIF.

Obama middle finger GIF.

Jack Nicholson middle finger GIF.

Double middle finger GIF.

Stranger Things middle finger GIF.

World's longest middle finger.

Wink. And F you.

Tom Hardy middle finger GIF.

Umbrella middle finger GIF.

Mr. Bean middle finger GIF.

16 thoughts on “Middle Finger GIF Gallery For Your Enemies”

  1. I thought the umbrella was fun! So appropriate for drone flyovers and cameras. Oh, and as background bombing in selfies and other Insta-idiots.

  2. It’s kind of a shame that Obama image had to get such a crappy GIF treatment– but at least that qualified it to be on this list, and you can never have too many images of Obama shooting the rod, especially during these early years of fascism.

  3. Does anyone recognize the one right after Colbert (bare sweaty chest dude)? What movie was that?
    And the fast moving one in the red T-shirt? Wasn’t that a music video?

  4. The dude in the yellow jacket? If that’s what your talking about, pretty sure he’s from deadpool.

  5. i thought that first one was a young mandy patinkin. john wick would never bother with this intermediate step

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