Horse Head Squirrel Feeder Is a Brilliant Invention!

Behold! The Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is here, and it might be the greatest invention since 1982 when Al Gore invented the internet! Here’s how it works: while the cute little animals feed, the hanging horse head feeder makes it look like they are wearing their very own horse mask.

Horse head squirrel feeder.


To prepare for squirrel watching, try filling the inside of the snout with peanut butter and filling the head with some nuts. It will not disappoint! The squirrels will love it. You will love it. Your family will love it. And heck, even your social media “friends” will love it.

Horse head squirrel feeder.

The Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is made from lightweight material (waterproof vinyl). And lucky for squirrels, it is meant to be suspended from a tree branch with a fishing line or string. So they won’t need to support the horse mask with their feeble squirrel shoulders.

Horse head squirrel feeder.

Horse head squirrel feeder.

Horse head squirrel feeder.

Funny squirrel feeder.

If you feel like you definitely need this thing in your garden, you can get in on Amazon. Jeff Bezos will gladly take your money and become ever so slightly richer.



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  2. Anonymous June 2, 2021

    someone :theres food inside
    someon:in this horse mask.
    me:………. -eats-

  3. Carl S. June 10, 2021

    Are they differnt ones? I would like to get a unicorn one my grandson will have fun to watch the squirles in my yard when he comes over on the wknd. lol

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