192 thoughts on “Hard Truths From Cute Puppies”

  1. Way to rub it in. Also, it’s not the puppies who are being mean here. It’s not even mean or rude at all! It’s the hard truth. And if some people think it’s rude or mean that just shows they can’t accept it, and that’s fine, but they must at least accept that it’s not rude or mean, and it’s not TRYING to hurt anyone, it’s just the truth. It’s not the puppies, nor the person who posted it who’s mean. It’s the truth itself.

  2. wow. I was just looking for cute photos of pups and I end up here- at least i know my thoughts are true and my family members thoughts aren’t :D

  3. more than half this stuff is untrue and you make puppies look bad when you post this and though you may be depressed im not so dont post untrue shit to the internet

  4. Why would you create a website like this!? In these hard times people don’t need horrid messages like this! They need reasureing ones!

    Anyone reading this please stay safe and happy,
    Try and have a good day :)

  5. This is a TERRIBLE idea for a website! In these times people need happy and reasureing messages! Not horrid ones like this… Honestly like I just said absolutely dreadful idea for a website

    I accidentally came on to this page while looking for cute puppy images to cheer my friend up!

    Stay safe anyone who is reading this and try and ignore the messages put with those cute puppies…

  6. this is so bad, even if theese things were true theres always a bright side, dont make good creatures say this! just because no one loves you it doesnt mean u have 2 ruin other ppls lives!

  7. Well that was certainly something 😃

  8. Hard Truths can be positive, too.

    ”In 200 years no one will remember your name.”
    In 200 years, there is a chance someone may see your name documented somewhere.
    You were here once, too. They will think about that.

    ”Love fades.”
    Love can fade for some who will not see the signs.
    Nurture the playful love again.

    ”Growing up means trading fun for obligation.”
    Growing up means learning to look out for yourself.
    You most definitely can have fun when you know it’s time.

    ”Bad times don’t make good times any better. They just suck.”
    Good times are the times we stay alive for. They come in surprises.
    This is why the good times will always shine brighter than the bad times.

    ”Your soulmate would be just as happy with someone else.”
    And you have many other soulmates you can link with, as well.
    You can become compatible with so many humans.
    Yet, what happened? You linked to each other.

    ”Cheaters often prosper.”
    We live in a broken system, making broken promises to everyone.
    Cheaters are just here to exploit that.

    ”Your body will turn to shit long before you die.”
    This is an inevitability for everyone.
    You know your body is trying it’s best with you every step of the way.
    Don’t bully it. It wants you alive and well, too.

    ”Your flaws don’t make you beautiful or unique. They make you flawed.”
    Isn’t this the entire message of flaws? That that’s what make us human?
    Being human, you can make that beautiful and unique, if you want to.

    ”You can change your future but the past will haunt you forever.”
    The question here is… Will you really let the actions of your past self define what actions you will take today? Or… tomorrow? You are here for a short time. It’s good that you want to become a better you. This is all you have to do to make the world a better place.

    ”Some people have good reasons for not liking you.”
    Sure. There are so many humans in the world we are bound to step on each other’s toes.
    How you can react to this situation is up to you. Is it something worth caring about?

    ”If somebody else can do something, it doesn’t mean that you can do it, too.”
    If you’re good at doing something, it doesn’t mean that another person can do it as good as you. We can all be specially good at something. Or we can not be. That’s okay.
    Really, just do something that makes you happy.

    ”You will never be the best at anything.”
    Do not make your life a competition. You will never exceed your own expectations of yourself if you always have something to compare to.

    ”No love is unconditional.”
    Because love must be cared for.
    You can’t just watch it grow and then die out.
    You have to care about getting love and giving love.

    ”Looks matter.”
    For a short period of time. You have to be interesting beyond a face somehow if you want to make long-lasting friends, or keep a healthy relationship.

    ”You never know what your loved ones REALLY think of you.”
    You’re just trying to exist here, don’t put that sort of pressure on yourself.

    ”Work hard and your dreams may still not come true.”
    The system you want to find your dreams in exploits people for money.
    If your dreams cannot make money, of course you will struggle.
    It is not your fault. Your dreams are more valuable than some plastic or paper.

    ”Everyone will disappoint you eventually.”
    Yes. But don’t let some unimportant disappointments or disagreements get in the way of your friendships or love. You can be better than that.

    ”You will die with regrets.”
    Honestly, we all only have one life to live. It’s probably not going to turn out how we want. Or it could be a pretty great life with some good luck. We get one chance at this; some are born into the great life and some have to struggle their way to it. Some don’t even make it and others live an average life and can be totally happy with it. Don’t put this pressure to have the #1 best life score onto yourself, either. The world is way too big and full to worry about regrets. There’s ALWAYS going to be something you didn’t try or didn’t do before you die.

    Thx for reading. x

  9. @Pretty lies are never better than the hurtful truth

    It is harsh. And it may be the truth for you, but we are not all mentally depressed. Stop telling us we cant take it because we can take it, its you that cant take it.

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