Hard Truths From Cute Puppies

Avoid the messy confrontations that accompany delivering hard truths personally and let one of these adorable puppies deliver the devastating message for you.

In 200 years no one will remember your name.

Love fades.

Growing up means trading fun for obligation.

Bad times just suck.

Your soulmate would be just as happy with someone else.

Cheaters often prosper.

Your body will turn to shit long before you die.

Your flaws don’t make you beautiful or unique. They make you flawed.

You can change your future but the past will haunt you forever.

Some people have good reasons for not liking you.

If somebody else can do something, it doesn’t mean that you can, too.

You will never be the best at anything.

No love is unconditional.

Looks matter.

You never know what your loved ones REALLY think of you.

Work hard and your dreams may still not come true.

Everyone will disappoint you eventually.

You will die with regrets.

184 thoughts on “Hard Truths From Cute Puppies”

  1. These aren’t hard truths they are cynical opinions. Please don’t ruin cute puppies with cynical opinions. :(

  2. The first puppy is wrong. It only takes 10-15 years. Less on the internet (much less) or if people just dislike you in general.

  3. Nothing there is true, this is just a title to get you to click, and these aren’t hard truths, they’re easy-to-find lies. Seriously think about it, if someone told you any of this, would you believe them, or would you argue?

  4. i got so sad reading these but most of them are probabilly true. yk i want to say one thing most people hate dying and are afraid to die, but me no i just imagine that when i die i will be friend. u see when u are young u get urself stuck in toxic things like drugs marriges and smocking, if u start u will will stuck with it for the rest of ur life. but when you die all those things fade away and u get a fresh star. dosent everyone want a fresh start? just admit that we all have done something that we all regret. but dont take me wrong living is good ig, but u should live your life and not only survive each day! that u so much for reading this all please like if u agree with me, and if u dont agree with me thats fine too! byee have a great day

  5. None of these ‘truths’ make any difference to me. It doesn’t change my faith in God or change anything about my life.

  6. Those dogs are probably going about their days when we are just laughing at them and the dogs will never know that they are famous.

  7. yeah i was just here researching cute puppies. there is one that said looks matter but bro ur literally trying to lie to us with being CUTE. cute is a type of look does the creator of this even realize that? I honestly don’t care if people forget my name, forget who ever does. also my loved ones literally adore me I help them whenever they need help. If my loved ones don’t like me, cool. like if you agree with what i’m saying.

  8. Puppies 🐶 are cute ☺️ but some times these are true and sometimes they are false but u shouldn’t doubt yourself ❤️

  9. Puppies 🐶 are cute ☺️ but some times these are true and sometimes they are false but u shouldn’t doubt yourself ❤️ (I wanted to rename my self

  10. Bro the only one that is true is 1 ! Whatever Jerk made this works at a puppy mill and eats recycled puke for dinner then they stay up all night trying to ruin peoples already difficult lives ! Thanks for nothing !!! I’m 9 years old searching for “Cute puppies “ on my phone and this comes up . If you agree your correct but if not that is fine cause you do you it’s a free country

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