Who Would Have Thought That “Incense” Is Such a Hard Word?

Education is important, but lovely smelling incest sticks are importanter. At least according to these Twitter users…

Lavender incest smells so nice omg

does anyone else use the ash from their incest sticks as seasoning? honestly it’s so good in curries

i’ve been using the incest sticks my ex gave me honestly he’s good at picking the scence

This incest my cousin gave me smells like mint

I hate all incest smh. I think it smells gross. Like if I wanted to smell burning sticks I could go in my garden for free

i love incest sticks

incest sticks? yeah walmart got them for the low

Going round to my sisters later for dinner. Anyone one on here recommend good place to buy incest sticks?

Damn this incest smells great!

If you ever feel stressed out just burn some incest

why do incest sticks look like pocky like it’s taking me all of my willpower not to chomp

my mom just bought so much incest sticks at nature’s presence

When we walked into an indian tent thing earlier and I was like "ooh, smell the incest"

my amethyst still smells like incest

I love the smell of incest sticks☺️ they’re so relaxing

time to burn an incest and relax <3

i love the smell of burning incest sticks

i miss the smells of seheron. tea and incest and wet dogs.

My house is gonna smell like an Indian home with all the incest sticks I'm burning. I hope they work

i love burning incest sticks in my room it’s so peaceful

What about those incest sticks? My sister gave me one.

i love the smell of incest sticks

bouta burn some incest and call it a night

8 thoughts on “Who Would Have Thought That “Incense” Is Such a Hard Word?”

  1. Aah! I guess the English language is no longer taught at school.

  2. Ha! Ha! Oh, illiteracy… Call it ebonics or something and now it’s qualified, just like laundering dirty money…


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