17 thoughts on “The Reactions You Get When Offering Cats Salad…”

  1. Me, when faced with the same.
    Drown it in bleu cheese dressing, close my eyes, and try not to choke on the horror of the textures and the popping of cherry tomatoes. Why is there always cherry tomatoes?

  2. They have said they didn’t really offer them salad, geez folk will moan about anything just enjoy the photos

  3. I loooooooove this it’s soooo funny my favourite one was the one of the cat pushing away the puppy (I just like it because it’s cute :) :) :) :)

  4. You all realize the cats were not photoshopped, the salads were. You can find the cat photos on other sites- the are famous cats

  5. _Actual_ cats will eat houseplants, and will sometimes go after salads depending on what’s on them; also, they may sample any food they see humans eating.


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