10 thoughts on “There’s a Group Where People Share Adorable Pictures Of Their “Illegally Small Cats””

  1. This violates international law on weapons of mass destruction.
    Weaponised kitten cuteness.

  2. Almost every cat has a wide-eyed glassy look, and are almost all in the same few possessions. Are you guys sure that these are for real? There is no emotion or cat expressions either.

  3. I know there kittens and they’ll grow up BUT: ITS SMALLER THAN A FACE MASK!!! There sooo cute

  4. What? It’s normally the humans fault, as they act threatening or annoying, as no-one likes a hand being pressed into their face.
    It’s a slander against all cats, some dumb kid is a total douche, and the cat gets in trouble for lightly tapping the kid to go, please go away, I do not want to hurt you.


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