20 Animal Bands That Look Like They Are About To Drop The Hottest Albums Ever

We don’t think it’s a coincidence. These animals totally knew they were posing for their hotly anticipated album covers. These pics are just too perfect for it to have happened purely by chance…

90s rap album cover done by pigeons.

Typical country album cover done by farm animals.
Photo by R. MacInnis

The Meow-Tang Clan pose for their debut rap album.
Photo by yoremahm

The 80s duo horse pop band from Iceland.
Photo by A. Manea

The electronic rock penguins.

Heavy metal puppies.

This mandrill looks like it's about to drop the hottest mixtape of the year.

They are about to drop the hottest album ever.

Hottest cat band album is coming soon.

This dog and owl dropping their new album.
Photo by T. Brandt

The coolest cat band ever.

The hard rock squirrels.

Finnish cat metal band.

The emo revival duo.

The hottest chicken band right now.

Heavy metal sheep band.

A band with two guitarists.
Photo by yoremahm

Emo rabbit about to drop his solo album.

These cows look like they're about to drop the hottest indie rock album of the year.

The newest grunge band in the scene.

41 thoughts on “20 Animal Bands That Look Like They Are About To Drop The Hottest Albums Ever”

  1. They do look like album covers. I was trying to think up their band names, type of music. Not existing bands, new ones. and the title of the album.

  2. I love the pigeons and the penguins and yes, I bet these are photoshopped but that’s okay, they are still funny! 😂

  3. I hold against your bet, specially for the penguins! Try Google image search.
    But yes, they are funny! ;)

  4. Meh, I prefer their early stuff. You know, before they sold out to the record labels and went all corporate.

  5. Roopert DeBear I hate to be the one to tell you this, but some squirrels actually do have balls that are that big.

  6. “Ruff Country” by Threedog Cat. “Drop Them Seeds” by the Peckers. “We S**t It (EXPLICIT)” by the City Rat Crew.

  7. The Backstreet Boars, Cats In Da Hood, Lambs Without A Face, Lil Baboon, Wylde Horses of Metal… :D

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