12 thoughts on “Funny Cosplay Fails”

  1. Truth is that if you participate in cosplay, and turn your hand to making, none of these are a fail but a rather epic win. The creativity of the wolfavanana is genius.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAH! the american man in the sailor moon costume just looks so wholesome and funny ( in a good way) :D

  3. The anime, pokemon, and my little pony ones are total depressing fails. Good thing there’s no undertale fails.

  4. Just like anything else, anime goes through trends, and now that anime fans have immediate access to what is popular in Japan, they end up gravitating toward the same things. As a result, it becomes a generational thing. In the 80s, American anime fans liked big robots as much as Japan did (Transformers, Battletech, etc). I consider myself an “”old-school Toonami fan””, so I became a huge fan of the stuff made in the 90s. Now, the current generation of Western anime fans like the kawaii/moe/cute-girls-doing-x phenomenon simply because that is what dominates the anime market these days. 10 years from now, it will be something completely different. While it may make sense that “”grittier”” stuff would be more popular in America in general (Akira, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop did do well here), that’s on a major mainstream level. For the fans that go to websites like CrunchyRoll, they just want the latest from Japan, and the cuter stuff is what it happens to be at the moment. I think it’s just part of the peculiarities of niche entertainment, especially since it comes from and is catered to the interests of a different country.

  5. YOUR MOM LOOK LIKE THE 10th :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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