20 thoughts on “Funny Introvert Confessions”

  1. Also regionalism. “Different to” I’ve heard from Brits, “different than” or “from” I hear in America

  2. I wouldn’t classify this as humor, it’s actually a set of maxims for leading a fulfilling life

  3. Love it. I grew up as an introvert, and trained myself how socialize. Probably the hardest fought achievement of my life. Now I see my 14 year old son doing the same thing.

  4. Coworker: What’ll You do on Saturday evening?
    Me: Nothing.
    C.: ok, then. What if we go to the Cinema?
    Me: I said it it. I do nothing at Saturday!

    Btw, please, it’s not ok to think that we introverts are anxious or shy or somthing like that.
    It’s just that we don’t see any need to participate with others…
    ‘Just leave me, myself and I alone’

  5. im a introvert but i adopted another introvert and now i’m a extrovert with her. i’m very weird and loud with her XD

  6. always wondered wtf was wrong with me until i found out about introverts. in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with me.

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