The Funniest Tweets About Being an Introvert

You’d much rather socialize one-on-one than in a group? You pray that nobody picks up the phone whenever you have to call somebody? You feel like partying when somebody decides to cancel a party? You fear living with somebody more than you fear the prospect of dying alone? You feel extremely tired after socializing and need long time to restore your strength? Then this funny list of introvert tweets will feel very relatable.

When you're at a party and you only know one person

I hate to cancel. I know we made plans to get together tonight but that was two hours ago. I was younger then, and full of hope.

First rule of introvert club: there is no introvert club. Thank goodness.

FRIEND: do u want to hang out this weekend ME: generic excuse FRIEND: did u just say "generic excuse"

I don't know if anyone else gets anxious about phone calls but a little tip I've learned is: if there is a phone call that I don't want to make, before I start dialing the number, I carefully hold the phone in my hand & toss it gently into a lake. I hope this advice helps others.

I was extremely social this weekend and as a reward I will not talk to anyone for the next 3 months. thanks.

My new business cards just arrived.

How many introverts does it take to change a lightbulb? Me: Does it have to be a group activity?

Sometimes when I enter an elevator and No one else is in there, I quickly push the “close door” button as to avoid anyone else coming in and trying to talk to me.

last week a friend canceled our plans because it “suddenly got really windy” and i’ve never respected anything more

I wish every company had a librarian. How great would it be to have a designated person to shush all the noisy people?

For introverted people, the phone function on their phone is the least appealing feature

The biggest introvert problem I face has got to be being asked on loop if I’m ok because I’m quiet, when most of the time I’m just in my own little world thinking about how much I love garlic bread

Went to a haunted house designed for introverts. People pop out unexpectedly and try to make small talk with you. At the end you you walk into a room where people are networking and everyone tries to get your information at the same time. Scariest experience of my life.

People are always so surprised when I mention that I'm an introvert until they turn back around and realize that I've already left their party.

I’m much more of an introvert, so I really want to go to heaven, as hell seems like it would have far too many inhabitants.

Been watching The Crown. The Queen has a button she can push when she’s done talking to people. Anyone know where to get one of those?

INTROVERTS UNITE! Separately. In your own homes.

*desperately needs help finding something at the store* Employee: Sir, can I help you find anything? Me: No, I’m good.

my grandfather: i fought off wolves in the alaskan wilderness and had to stitch my own wounds with fishing line me: there was someone standing near the mailbox so i'll just have to get the mail tomorrow

My life would be so much easier if it wasn't for that thing…God, what is that thing called…other people.

People always tell introverts to be more talkative and leave their comfort zones. yet none tells extroverts to shut up to make the zone comfortable...

Open floor plans are an elaborate scheme by extroverts to lower the productivity of introverts...

Introverts are weird creatures. We want to talk but not with everyone. We want to go out but not with everyone. We are fun but not with everyone. We want to be the center of attention but not everyone's.

6 thoughts on “The Funniest Tweets About Being an Introvert”

  1. Me: *suspects I have more in common with those trolls in their basements drinking Jolt and eating Hot Pockets while pounding away at…something*
    Also me: *finds out those trolls also wear headsets so they can actually talk to other people while pounding away*

    Now I can’t decide if I feel better or worse.

  2. Dad: Why is your doorbell button missing?
    Me: *shrugs*
    Dad: How will you know if someone is at the front door?
    Me: I won’t.
    Dad: Want me to rewire that for you?
    Me: Please leave my property, unkind stranger.

  3. love these. Don’t love: my company is moving to a new building with an open floor plan. Shared workspaces. I won’t even have so much as a tiny cubicle to comfortably hide in while working. When asked why we can’t have our own spaces, the execs said “we all spend most of our day collaborating anyway, aside from maybe an hour a day at most when you might need some focus time, so you really don’t need your own desk” Me and my finance department co-workers, who spend the entire day with our noses stuck in spreadsheets reconciling accounts and whatnot:

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