9 thoughts on “This Hedgehog Has The Cutest Instagram Account Ever”

  1. What’s with all the smelly opinions? You can bathe them fairly infrequently and they don’t smell at all.

  2. Povera bestia!Its a wild animal and needs to live in his natural environment with his smell and habits.

  3. Daughter has had two hedgies. First one was sweet. Went everywhere with her. She’d just put it on her shoulder, and it’d crawl down into her top and fall asleep. Her new one is awful. Just a giant poop machine, and ornery as can be.

  4. We had one and unfortunately he was the crannies little guy ever! All he did was poop and never wanted any love or attention. We ended up re-homing him to a place where he could live happily in a garden with other animals. I do not recommend these as pets, they want to be in the wild.


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