Woman Spends Flight With Little Girl Who Keeps Serving Cute Random One-Liners

Twitter user @KatiHartwig decided to share her encounter with her seatmate who was such an interesting companion that Kati decided to share her brilliant one-liners on her Twitter account. Soon enough, it turned into a wholesome thread of brilliant jokes that this girl sitting next to Kati served through the whole flight.

My seat mate on my flight is a 6 year old little girl who started our trip with “I’m going to talk to you randomly so you need to be prepared, ok?”

She’s also helping me decide what videos and photos will be good for our Instagram. “Yeah, keep the camera there. That way I can see out the window.” Priorities.

“Good timing. I was getting hungry.” - 6 year old seat mate to the flight attendant bringing us a snack mix.

“Hey Kati you know what everyone should do when they get on a plane? Thank the Wright brothers.”

“They’re tilting us so we can see better! How nice.”

Girl in row in front of us: *reclines seat* My seat mate: *rolls eyes in 6 year old*

Stop it. Of all the movies and cartoons on her iPad, she decided to turn on the @southwestair live TV and watch HGTV. I have no doubt she will be flipping houses by 7.

Me: what are you watching? Her: love it or list it. I love it, get it? I think she’s actually older than me, tbh.

“We’re going down!” She means we’re landing but I don’t think the lady in front of us knew what she meant…

“You should get a video of this. The people would like it.” Can I hire a tiny assistant?

“I feel like I’m lucky because I got to sit by you.”

7 thoughts on “Woman Spends Flight With Little Girl Who Keeps Serving Cute Random One-Liners”

  1. Kids can be such a delight. Your experience reminds me about our 4 year old grandson. Mum took him shopping one day. This was not one of his favourite activities but he patiently endured mums window shopping. Eventually they returned home. Upon entering the house our grandson paused, grabbed mums hand and said….”Mum, Thank you so much for bringing me back home…Alive”

  2. But if it were a man next to her, even if he said the exact same things and was a perfect gentleman. He would be viewed as a child predator!

  3. My brother and his wife were flying with their 3 and 4 yo boys and had prepped them on their manners and brought activities. 4 was following the announced rule to the letter and when the plane la ded and they announced to stay in the seat with the seat belt fastened, his dad unfastened his belt. 4 proceeded to yell to his mom 3 rows ahead, “MOM, DAD UN FASTENED HIS SEATBELT!” The whole plane cracked up

  4. Of course this happened. How could anyone make this feel good fluff up to get a few likes on social media?

  5. You can’t make this stuff up! Kids are awesome in general…and this child particularly rocks!


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