41 thoughts on “Some Cat Breeds Are More Photogenic Than Others…”

  1. A little bit of oil basted on, and ready to go in a hot over for one hour per kilogram. Serve with your favourite veggies, accompanied by a glass of Kelly’s pinot grigio.

  2. OMG, hahahahaha, sometimes something or someone is so ugly, they’re absolutely endearing. I am sad to say, this cat is neither.

  3. Looks more like an alien & I was raised with cats & dogs but these pics of cats are just gross.

  4. Had a friend who adopted one. Very strange to pet, but it was very affectionate (as it was always cold). And it loved dishwashing time – jumping into the warm water.

  5. Dora, June 16;2020
    I love these cats, They have so much character. I had a Devon Rex, cat a lot of people say are hairless. SHe was so beautiful and so sweet. It broke my heart when I had to put her down.

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