Doodle Diary of a New Mom

Few years ago Lucy Scott gave birth to her first child. Despite her extensive pre-baby research, nothing prepared her for the task of caring for this new little human and so, she reached for a pencil and began to draw…

Date night.

Actual torture.

Small victories.

The joy of long car journeys.

Hey, we are just driving past your house, can we pop in?

How parents sleep.

Monday morning.



Sleep training: as baby drifts off, gently remove breast.

Spontaneous trip out: approximately 45 minutes to get out the door.

Gender scan.

A truly extraordinary poo.

Patent pending.


Do not apply fake tan, then breast feed.

After a simple remortgaging of my house, I am now the proud owner of a pram.

How early is too early?

And then it hit me. I'm a grown-up!

…and the rest of the day is your own.

FINALLY finding the time to read all those "How to be a good parent" books.

6 thoughts on “Doodle Diary of a New Mom”

  1. Im in my late 30s and having those gotta be parent thoughts but uh… I don’t know maybe I’ll reconsider the no way option

  2. Anonymous – If you don’t want it, don’t do it. We have chosen not to have kids (45 &40) and are very content. No-one raises an eyebrow by the way. If anyone does question our decision (fair enough) they keep it to themselves or are perfectly respectful in their comments and I’ve never felt any direct social pressure at all.

  3. Lucky you. I chose not to have kids and have had strangers and aquaintances make little side comments or flat out interrogate me (not my husband ever) about being childless. It’s f****ng 2020 and child free shamers are alive and well unfortunately

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