Funny And Relatable Graphic Designer Memes

We have collected the best memes from Twitter account @DesignerHumor to brighten up your day and give you a glimpse of the humor within the design community. Are you a designer yourself? Then this post might be very relatable to you. Are you employing designers? Then this post will help you to understand what no to do.

When you finished the whole design and they say "Looks good so far"

Every Graphic Designer Ever.

True that.

Well, at least they're honest

Graphic Designers know the struggle


Designer humor.

Very true.

me looking at my designs wondering wtf i was thinking


Too good not to share.

i see no lies here

Ever pick up some art you did a few months ago, and it's just like...

That moment when...

i am a graphic designer and this is the worst logo i’ve ever seen

Designer humor.

emotional damage

Designer humor.

me rendering in after effects on my shitty laptop

this is what happens wen u use a cracked adobe suite

me: what do you want? client: you're the expert, i'm sure whatever you show me i'll love it.. * 48 hours later sends over design * client: that’s not what I wanted.

Designer humor.

today i made my first income as a freelancer. i sold my laptop.

i know a few

Shoutout to designers who save their PSDs every 5 seconds while working on them because you lost one file 10 years ago & won't be caught slipping again.

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