Godzilla Haikus

When he’s not terrorizing people and destroying their cities, did you know that Godzilla is actually a pretty sensitive creature? So next time you see Godzilla emerge from the sea with that crazy look in his eye, remember that beneath that rough exterior is a poet with a heart of gold. Here are some of the monster’s best haikus.

With artillery, You greet your nuclear child. Am I the monster?

I may have thick skin Outside, yet the pain still stings So deeply within.

The years roll on by I destroy, you build again In ceaseless wonder.

This is my question Am I good or am I bad? Tokyo awaits.

Do you not yet see? The city is your prison. I grant you freedom.

How will anyone know Until they lose everything What they truly have?

Such fear and panic. I have only come to ask Who will be my friend?

How can you rise up Like a Phoenix from the ash Unless first you burn?

I don't crave conflict But finding myself in one I will not retreat.

Nothing starts anew For as history teaches Nothing truly ends.

To live without love. To endlessly fight my foes. Sad pawn, cruel fate.

Death and destruction Unprecedented in scale It's all in the roar.

Dare to look at me, Briefly we are united And we are defined.

The burning vista My beautiful destruction A gift to mankind.

With forest green scales And heart filled with roaring flame I bringeth your end.

Unfriendly faces. A creature misunderstood. Is this why you cry?

Your terror results From out my fatherless state. My shame is inside.

The falling is hard But it is in the falling That we learn to rise.

Wordless and primal Godzilla's lament gives voice To the whole world's pain.

Godzilla still lives Deep in our bent fantasies And we dare not smile.

One absolute truth Cruelty has a human heart Why did you make me?


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  1. Anonymous January 4, 2020


  2. Anonymous January 5, 2020

    How will anyone know
    until they lose everything
    what they truly have?

    Put another way:
    “Don’t it always seem to go
    that you don’t know what you’ve got
    till it’s gone”

  3. Anonymous January 5, 2020

    ooh, someone doesn’t know their Gorgo from their Godzilla…

  4. Allen January 5, 2020

    DANG these are good! Moving!

  5. Hugh Joergen January 5, 2020

    Little gray squirrel
    Gathering nuts for winter
    Eat well rodent friend

  6. Peter January 6, 2020

    Gorgo is more a poetry-slam kind of guy!

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