24 thoughts on “God Logic”

  1. I could refute/explain many of these with theological arguments, but I know I would be wasting my time. Male nipples though, I can’t do anything with that one…..

  2. Took a while, but S&U managed a purely anti-Christian post. Sad.

    Some of these questions are perplexing; some are simply misstatements of Biblical stories; some are Biblical ignorance. I’m not saying that there aren’t questions worth exploring regarding seeming inconsistencies, but posing them in memes like these is just dismissive and insulting.

  3. JDC (Jesus D. Christ?) – This is funny, as is your lack of a sense of humor.

    CC – Anti-Christian? You appear to be a snowflake Xtian who takes everything personally. Mithrism, Judaism, Islam and other sects all believe in a single god. Not all of the meme mentions the Essene rabbi/alleged carpenter Joshua Ben Joseph nor the sad, highly redacted New Testament (Bishop Bible, et. al.). If you want content more to your taste, try eatliver.com. But prepare to be “dismissed and insulted” for other reasons.

    Both of you – have a nice hot cup for STFU – and a cookie. Or a pot brownie.

  4. Grew up in a Christian household, which possibly makes me laugh at these all the more XD Best post in a while.

  5. Those who blindly believe in a book will end up in the eternal dog house. Thank you, S&U for spreading the word.

  6. Live by the fairy tale, die by the fairy tale.

    God is the concept by which we measure our pain

  7. If God is Just, then no one will be punished for failure to worship Him, for that would be unjust. If God is not just, then He is not God, and is not worthy of worship. Thanks and remember to tip your waiters!

  8. “But, if you substituted Mohammad or some other god, those memes would be hate speech.”
    You are such an idiot.

  9. CS is right, an intelligent person can live with insults to their beliefs, it is not wrong to insult god’s, as they gave us free will, meaning that they are ok with being insulted

  10. BUT .. if everything traces back to god, then this is just another part of god’s will. so really it can be seen as a kind of a test to see how readily ppl stoke up the hate and sanctimony. a pretty good test, from what we see here


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