Goats Eating Tomatoes Look Hilariously Terrifying

Ever seen a goat munching on a tomato? You could compare it to watching a comedy-horror film where the monster is a cuddly farm animal. The way they chomp on those juicy red spheres with their beady eyes and their crazy, curly horns is both hilarious and terrifying. It seems as though they are driven by a demonic spirit that loves tomatoes and won’t stop until they have consumed every last one. If you ever find yourself face-to-face with a goat in a tomato patch, just remember to keep your distance and definitely bring a tomato sacrifice to appease them. Trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these tomato-eating beasts.

Goat eating tomatoes.

Goat eating tomatoes.

Goat enjoying tomatoes.

Goat vs, tomatoes.

Thos goat loves tomatoes.

Goat eating tomatoes.

If you scrolled all the way down here and still are not terrified enough, also check out animals eating strawberries. It’s a bloody massacre.

11 thoughts on “Goats Eating Tomatoes Look Hilariously Terrifying”

  1. How comes that these goats get blood-red tomatoes and the whole northern part of Europe only gets to eat something between cucumber and a pumpkin?

  2. I saw a film today, oh boy
    A bunch of goats were eating tomatoes
    A couple turkeys turned away
    But I just had to look….

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