20 thoughts on “Hilariously Honest Tweets About Getting Older”

  1. The ferari bmw one is from a slow robot post.
    these are retreads.
    when you have had birthday cake as breakfast, that is when you can call yourself an adult

  2. These people are talking about being old in their 30s and 40s. What are they going to be like in their 70s? The 30s and 40s are a cakewalk!

  3. I felt old in my 30’s. That was a carefree, sunshiney kind of old age compared to what it is now in my 50’s. The 50’s are when a lot of people realize, yes, they WILL die someday, and it may be MUCH sooner and than anticipated.

  4. They are all funny till you get there. I have two parents with dementia whose lives are miserable. There is nothing graceful or funny about old age. Hope I die before I get there.

  5. You know you’re getting old when you get annoyed by 30-year old kids making jokes about being old because you know they have no idea what being old really is.

  6. I’m 35, having spent 8 years in the military and some more in construction I’ve needed 2 knee surgeries, had a brush with cancer, some disc herniation, and am supposed to wear a hearing aide. I don’t care what my chronological age is, by that criteria I’d consider myself older than most people in their fifties to be sure. This is the same thing as spouting that with age comes [insert quality]. For example maturity is a mindset, not a number. Wisdom comes from life experience, not simply living long. Boomers and their superiority complex… never gets old, but never gets better.

  7. Old isn’t a number of years, it’s a frame of mind. Unfortunately, my frame of mind is slightly rusted a bit bent.

  8. I think it’s hysterical that there’s a thread about “getting old” and people post on it about turning 30. 30 is old now? When I was 30, I certainly didn’t think of myself as old. I remember the day when I was in my mid-30s and I looked in a mirror and realized, “I’m a grown-up now.”

  9. I thought with an aged body it would be one thing after another… not everything, all at once, all the time.

  10. My mind says ‘Go for it!’, my body says ‘Can’t do that anymore!’…never saw it coming, it creeps up on you. Eat your veggies, less cheeseburgers and pizza…keep moving and laugh alot

  11. yeah but now it’s more like ffffffffffffpppppppppppppprt. and stairs can be fun: toot toot toot

  12. @Senescent – *Some* boomers. Your generalization actually reminds me of the worst of them.

    These are all great! And yeah, I felt old at 30. And 40. And 50. And 60. So far, so good

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