17 thoughts on “The Funniest “Dog People vs. Cat People” Tweets”

  1. Love cats. Love dogs (but cats are better). Hate people. Especially dog people. Can’t stand well-adjusted.

  2. The first one slays me cuz it’s right on. No dog person ever wants to say they have a mutt. No, it’s a goldendoodle, etc. The only cat people I know who say stuff like that actually enter cat shows.

  3. I don’t like either cat people or dog people. I have both and love both, so I can’t put up with anyone who wants to make me pick a side

  4. @Tea – Not true. I’ve had two mutts and I’ve told people that many times.

    Dog breeds are different. Retrievers fetch, hounds howl, terriers bark and hunt in the yard. If I tell people my dog is a mutt and we think he’s a mix of a lab and maybe a golden retriever, that gives you an idea of what sort of personality he has. If a dog looks and acts like a lab, but he’s not a pure breed, people will just say he’s some kind of lab.

    Cats? I’ve seen a couple of unique breeds… but as far as personality goes, do breeds act differently?

  5. @Anonymous – some cat breeds do standout due to their personality, yes. Siamese, for instance. In my opinion, though, the muttier the better.

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  7. Bunnygirl definitely has a point about consent. Cats tend to make it very clear when you have gone past their boundaries and they don’t approve of even going near their boundaries. I have known cats that liked me better than they liked their owners–because I always associated with the cat on the cat’s terms, I didn’t try to push it at all.

  8. The ‘controlling people’ don’t like cats thing is pretty valid. I know this is only anecdotal, but I heard that years ago and have since tested the theory, yeah, they hate cats doing their own thing.

    They are the type that drag dogs rather than walk them & if you did that to a cat you’d end up in an emergency room with a cat that manages somehow to get into your locked up house to piss and shit on your bed every single day for the rest of your life. And don’t try moving house; it won’t help and will just makes them madder.

  9. Some of these made me crack up, but I don’t get the one by “plant daddy”. Was it supposed to be anti-cop?

  10. Lol my cat is a murderous ginger beast, my chihuahua is a cranky old man, and my pitbull is a sweet baby boy

  11. I love how cats love their owners, but try to act all cool and pretend not to care about them.

  12. Why cats are better? They’re softer, sweeter, and smarter. They’re quieter and cleaner. They’re masters of both the art of lazy lounging and the one of skillful hunting. Cats are easy to care for, quiet, and relatively affordable. They even groom themselves and won’t stink over the winter when you can’t wash them. They don’t leave as stinky fur that lets deadly fumes out of the vacuum. Cats don’t take up that much space. Cats don’t slobber. Cats provide health benefits (purring helps soothe muscles,) Cats can live indoors all their life, you can train them to use the toilet unlike dogs, Kittens require much less work and attention than puppies, Cats keep bugs and other pests at bay, Cats understand personal space better than dogs, they are cuter and don’t bust open their body playing with toys, they are much less demanding, and they understand emotions better than dogs, they will leave you alone because they know you need it instead of pushing their face in yours.

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