Gen Z vs. Millennials Tweets To Make You Laugh

We already featured millennials vs. baby boomers tweets, but turns out, Gen Z is growing up and they’ve watched how millennials behave and don’t approve. Talking about “adulting” as if it’s hard to do the smallest tasks to take care of yourself, calling all dogs “doggos”, reposting TikTok videos on Instagram… Gen Z is rolling their eyes.

millennials: i don’t understand gen z aesthetics millennials in 2006:

My 11-year-old, during a conversation about the differences between Millennials and Gen Z: well you Millennials are all so whiny and tired because you had to pretend to be hetero for so long

the "millennials vs gen z" shit is so weird and desperate. you are 35 years old. it doesn't matter if 17 year olds think your jeans are cool.

As a millennial I can’t help but be jealous of gen z because we grew up with tech but it was all 1st gen bullshit. Like oh you’re 16 and use waze to get around? That’s cool I had a giant TomTom gps in my 2004 CRV and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to stop speaking French.

Gen Z can say whatever you want about my millennial ass, my Gen Alpha daughter will avenge me in whatever apocalyptic wasteland exists in 16 years

Why do millennials unironically look like this

Why do millennials use nouns in the place of verbs? "I can't math" "Englishing is hard today"

why do millennials think they’re special everyone knows what a vhs tape is buddy sit down

why are millennials so obsessed with pasta and pizza like sure they slap but you’re allowed to have other personality traits

Millennials love reposting TikToks on Instagram.

millennials love referring to overcoming a personal problem as “their journey”

As sad as it’s been to watch millennials get old and lame, it’s going to be even sadder when it happens to Gen z

why do millennials treat their twitter bios like this is LinkedIn

Being 26 in 2022 sucks because you’re a horrifically old fogie to gen z and the stupidest little baby imaginable to millennials

Why do millennials put "lol" after every sentence? Why were we trained to do this lol

You are pushing 30 Steven. Please stop.

Why do millennials love taking pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors?

Millennials love to say “I deserve a little treat” while buying basic necessities

why do millennials hate gen z when the boomers remain the biggest threat. stay focused comrades.

why do millennials buy vintage furniture just to paint white and a hideous pastel instead of revarnishing the wood???? I’m so angry

Some one just said millennials love charcuterie boards and mimosas ‘cause we grew up on Lunchables and Sunny D ...and like they ain’t wrong

Millennials love to make themselves sound so ancient. Like why did this 31-year-old just ask me if I was too young to know who Usher is

millennials love the opportunity to talk about how they don’t know what tik tok is to make themselves feel like an adult

gen z vs. millennials. barely $20 between them. no money involved it's all passion

13 thoughts on “Gen Z vs. Millennials Tweets To Make You Laugh”

  1. As a baby boomer I just want to say… stop your whining. Work smarter, not harder. Get it while the getting is good. It’s all ours, baby! Oops, sorry about the broken world we left behind, but what are you going to do about it, huh? I’ll be dead before you even begin to feel the real pain. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha (it’s so much fun being a d-bag).

  2. I’m GenX. Boomers commenting need to shut up. They raised us like we were pets, indoctrinating us with their wierd rules for everything and their idiotic work ethic coupled to a nightmare they called the American Dream. 40hrs/wk for 40yrs for 40% in retirement. We had to figure out everything from scratch including parenting. This is why Y and Z are the way they are. Farking Boomers. Digest *that* millennials and Zers.

  3. I’m a Gen-Xer. And not only are we rolling our eyes at the Boomers, we’re rolling our eyes at the Millenials and the Zers. You want the greatest generation after those who fought in WW2? It’s the Gen-Xers. Learn it, live it, love it.

  4. @ Ms. X: Speaking of which, one thing that’s always bothered me: if the “greatest generation” is the one that fought the Nazis, then that means it’s also the generation that had Nazis.

  5. Millennials appear to be universally hated. The boomers and GenX hated them when they were in college and now Gen Z hates them as young adults. Is it possible the millennial wins as the worst generation?

  6. GenX is the middle child of generations. How many comments on this thread “pay attention to me I’m GenX someone fight with me.” No one cares Jan!

  7. I didn’t find any of these funny. The Gen Z vs Millennials vs Boomers thing is getting so old and tiresome. Nobody really cares anymore except these random websites for some reason.

  8. > Millennials appear to be universally hated.
    Yes, they’re an unlikable bunch. What can I say. They call themselves progressive and on the other hand there are studies that say that the IQ has been dropping for the last 20 years on developed countries.

    That doesn’t seem like progress. I think we’re going back to the middle ages with this triabalist nonsense that’s “trending” on social media.

    I wonder how the Gen Alpha, who are being raised by a snowflake generation, will survive. Hell, it’s going to be a world run by Gen Alpha republicans because the liberal super ultra alpha snowflake kids won’t make it. Thank god I won’t be alive by then.

  9. lol you folks seem to think boomers had any choice in the matter. snakes rose to the top and made the place what it is. the rest of us were getting drafted, paying 20% interest rates, watching gasoline double in price, having our unions eviscerated and our retirement plans bought out and cut up. 401k? LOL what a scam

    we enjoyed that warm feeling of trickle down economics as anyone would enjoy getting pissed on.

    so yeah ok we didn’t give birth to utopia. 95% of us kept our heads down and got by. no time for utopia. the only reason we have any “wealth” at all is because the snakes destroyed the value of the currency.

    anyway, i saw the bile being spat at my generation and decided to supply some perspective. prolly won’t matter, but there it is.

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