17 thoughts on “Comedian Creates Hilarious Fake Toys And Places Them In Stores”

  1. There just rude šŸ˜¤ annoying stupied way to get attention. What’s the reason to make parents or kids think there stupid or crazy he needs to be finded

  2. Or *fined. Found and/or fined. Finded is not a word. To fine. He fines, they fine, we fine. He or she is fined, they are fined, we are fined.

    Not be confused with fine or alright. The. You’d say he or she is fine, we are fine, etc.

  3. I am 95% confident the first comment was written ironically. Like I misspelled “reason”. ;-)

  4. I agree with REESON. The first commentor probably put down their own reason for writing their comment, to get attention.

  5. I purchased the Bench toy. My kids love playing with it and pointing at it but they have not lick it as (suggested on the packaging) nor will they, even at my suggesting. I feel this is false advertising and I want a refund.


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