The Funniest Brexit Tweets

We have previously featured The Funniest Anti-Brexit Signs and The Funniest Brexit Memes. Now it’s time to round up the funniest tweets.

I am an Indian and I can tell you that Brits take forever to leave.


Me: Hey cat, what's your opinion on the UK and Brexit? Cat: I think they should repeatedly ask to leave but then when the door is open just sit there and stare at it. That's what I would do.

Brexit is a bit like when Geri Halliwell overestimated her potential as a solo artist and subsequently decided to leave the Spice Girls.

An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman went to a bar. They all had to leave because the Englishman wanted to go.

UK right now.

Brexit is the worst trade negotiation since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Even Baldrick had a plan!

Only the British could tyrannically colonize half the world then leave EU because of immigrants.

I guess EU has now 1GB of free space.

I'm really enjoying the season finale of The UK.

Pulling out never works - ask my dad.

How do I tell them?

The next James Bond will just be him spending 2 hours in passport control at De Gaulle.

Wild that Theresa May isn't a socialist for how much she loves being publicly owned.

My mother in law lives in Spain - Please don't make them send her back here. #Brexit

Elon Musk has arrived at 10 Downing Street with a submarine.

Theresa May writes Brexit letter to the EU.

When you're at a party and you spend four hours unsure how to leave, that's called a Brexit.

The thing is, the best way to understand Theresa May's predicament is to imagine that 52 percent of Britain had voted that the government should build a submarine out of cheese.

Brexit is like a sitcom where at the start of the episode the main character tells a casual lie about being able to skydive to impress someone and now they're at the end of the episode in a plane about to jump.



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  1. Anonymous March 28, 2019

    Go with god, but finally leave now!

  2. Anonymous April 28, 2019

    this site should be called “sad and cucked” tbh

  3. Michele June 19, 2019

    Brexit is just like a cheese souffle that’s is overcooked, deflated, and no one can taste the cheese, which could be still on the continent but the lack of a trade, means it’s not arriving soon.

  4. Anonymous June 20, 2019

    Brexit: That time the UK said they were going to leave. They’ve been saying it for three years, and now everyone is just like “holy crap, just go already”.

  5. Anonymous June 21, 2019

    I believe Baldrick had not just a plan, but a cunningly good plan.

  6. Anonymous June 27, 2019

    Name that Tune:

    I can name that tune in…3 years…and counting!


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