The Funniest Brexit Memes

Brexit has, utterly predictably, descended into farce. However the Brits haven’t forgotten one of their more positive national characteristics – bitingly dark and self-deprecating humor. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Cat's opinion on Brexit.


Bad Luck Brian on Brexit.

Brexit is like when Geri Halliwell overestimated her viability as a solo artist and left the spice girls.

Trump loves Brexit.

EU looks great!

Hello, is that Ikea?

Well UK, you can remain a big player in Europe and the world or...

We're gonna need a bigger vote.

Even Baldrick had a plan.

USA had a better Brexit!

Poor Ireland...

Britain is finally free!

Brexit will save 1 GB space.

Of course foreigners steal your job, but maybe, if someone without contacts, money, or speaking the language steals your job, you're shit.

You know it's true.

Pulling out doesn't work.

We had Brexit, yes but...



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  1. Bud December 18, 2018

    WE in the US should stand closer to our cousins.

  2. Anonymous December 18, 2018

    Well maybe if they showered more often :-)

  3. nani desu April 2, 2019

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooo the trump 1

  4. ass April 2, 2019

    no the gb one iz brst!!!1!

  5. wow these suck October 1, 2019

    people this is cringey as hecc

  6. Anonymous October 30, 2019

    Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Yoda and Dobby: All seperated at birth


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