Unusually Scented Bath Bombs

Steering clear of conventional scents like jasmine or lavender, Whiskey River Soap Co. invites you to take a bath with refreshing scents like Introverts, Doomsday, Zero F**ks, Writer’s Block, Day Drinking, and many more.

Smells like it's only Tuesday.


Smells like you have none left to give.

Smells like writer's block.

Smells like namaste.

This smells #blessed yay!

Smells like breakup.

Smells like drama.

Smells like sick days.

A bath bomb for introverts.

A bath bomb for cat people.

Smells like somebody scored.

Smells like FML.

Smells like latin danger.

Smells like a locked door.

Smells like weed.

Smells like day drinking.

Smells like a wet drooling dog.

Smells like climate change.



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  1. Anonymous December 13, 2018

    doomsday got me i need one now!!

  2. The King of Wishful Thinking December 15, 2018

    Seriously, where has the creator of this been all my life? In 18 pictures they have encapsulated my life.

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