Funny And Very Relatable Thanksgiving Tweets

Ahh, the wonderful Thanksgiving traditions – cozy family time, delicious turkey, and a day off at work. It all seems well and fine, but in reality, it’s more like stuffing yourself up until the point you cannot move anymore, drinking one too many glasses of wine and petty arguing with relatives. Thankfully, instead of being all sullen about it, you can always relate your problems with millions of people on the Internet and their hilariously funny Tweets.

I love Thanksgiving. Can't wait to slave for hours over a meal my kids will rudely reject in front of relatives who are judging my parenting

[Thanksgiving at the In-laws] Me (patting wife’s belly): “Remember you’re eating for two now” Mother-in-law (smiling): “You mean...” Me: “That’s right. She’s got a tapeworm”

For those of you who are alone on thanksgiving for $50 I'll call you and ask you why you're not married yet and when you're getting a raise

(Thanksgiving Dinner) "This turkey is so good" Uncle: " know what's not good?" "Pls don't.." Uncle: "THE GOD DAMN LIBERALS"

Call your dad now and ask him what the wifi password is so he has time to find the little paper it's written on before Thanksgiving.

My mother asked what I was going to make this year for Thanksgiving and I said, "a scene."

THANKSGIVING: I'm thankful for this beautiful world we live in BLACK FRIDAY: *beats an old lady to death with a 42" Vizio LCD Smart TV*

Aunt: You know tattoos are a lifetime commitment. Me: but your marriage wasn't.

I don't start my holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving when I find out which family members I am still on good terms with.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is finding mysterious crumbs on me for the next seven to ten work days.

At the first Thanksgiving, do you think any pilgrims ate so much they had to loosen the buckle on their hats?

I carry a stone around to throw at anyone I hear singing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. I call it my Jingle Bell Rock.

one-upping my mother-in-law who calls the thanksgiving turkey “the bird” by calling it “the animal”

#OverheardAtThanksgivingDinner Yes, I'm still single. No, I'm not a lesbian. Please pass the wine.

dad: You're sitting at the kids table this Thanksgiving me: Why? dad: What's a fuse? me: Uh dad: Who's SpongeBob's best friend? me: Patr- oh

I'm not visiting my family this Thanksgiving, so I'm replicating the experience by reading YouTube comments instead.

mom describing how someone is related to us

Gonna ruin thanksgiving...

i’m the girl ur family asks u about when ur eating thanksgiving dinner 3 years after we break up

Thanksgiving Pro Tip: Never eat any food offered to you by an adorable toddler relative. It might look like a cookie, or piece of candy, but it’s actually the flu.

4-year-old: Can we have pizza for Thanksgiving? Me: The pilgrims didn't eat pizza. 4: Their dad was probably mean, too.

INSTRUCTIONS 1-Take your little Pilgrims to a random persons house 2-Eat their food 3-Tell them this is your house now 4-HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I asked my husband to add some things that we needed for Thanksgiving to the shopping list. When I got to the store I realized he’d just written ‘Thanksgiving Stuff’ and if that doesn’t perfectly sum up marriage then I don’t know what does.

my favorite day is the day after thanksgiving, when I twitter search the words "hot cousin" and see all the people who have crushes on their cousins

6 thoughts on “Funny And Very Relatable Thanksgiving Tweets”

  1. I’m a Brit, so my understanding of Thanksgiving is only from sitcoms and posts like this…but why do you do it to yourselves?! Are there a silent majority who actually have a nice time? Anyways, happy thanksgiving y’all :)

  2. To answer Ada, yes, some of us have a wonderful time. We always had a blast, and if you plan it right,, cooking the big meal isn’t that bad. Its just all about planning, teamwork, and preparing some things in advance. My mom and I could cook the meal, and when it was on the buffet, the kitchen wa spotless. Only took 30 minutes to clean up. Then we had the real fun. Family games!

  3. Ada – it’s the internet. Social media destroys everything. Think of “Thanksgiving is Awful” as a meme. The only ones who truly hate it are the sullen generation who already hate their lives.

  4. To Ada- Its usually pretty great. Just think of it like a high stakes family reunion for some people. With either the potential for greatness or the complete opposite.

  5. Ada – Thanksgiving is one of the holidays where we can successfully guilt-trip adult children into physically spending time with their parents. Otherwise contact is usually limited to texting and Zoom. Jerk uncles and nosey aunts are just the yang.

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