Men Doing Stereotypical Pin-Up Photos To Show How Ridiculous They Are

In this fun and lighthearted series entitled “Men-Ups”, photographer Rion Sabean captured men in stereotypical pin-up poses typically associated with women. The series was so successful that it spawned a calendar which promptly sold-out.



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  1. Anonymous June 3, 2020

    YES U R

  2. rex mundĂ­ July 12, 2020


  3. not anonymous haha January 18, 2021

    cute. weird but kinda cute.

  4. That one person... February 26, 2021

    * reads not anonymous haha’s comment*



    okay then

  5. Tea May 3, 2021

    Most photo models don’t look as happy and friendly as these guys.

  6. Kelanya July 18, 2021

    Casually referencing the first pic for a male pin-up drawing…

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