One Year Into Pandemic, Let’s Look Back at The Funniest Tweets About Masks

There is hardly anything good about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but at least we can get some funny tweets out of it. Scroll down to see the funniest reactions to face masks from the past year!

I don’t know about you guys but I love wearing masks. Hiding half my face and distancing myself from others is all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home.

An added benefit of wearing a mask is that men on the street no longer tell me to smile.

So many ugly people not wearing masks. This is your moment. Embrace it!

If you’re pissed off about wearing a mask, wait till you hear about seatbelts!

my ears are currently carrying sunglasses, headphones, and a face mask. ears are a purse

Everyone's ears with their mask on.

me: *putting on mask*

Now I be like “oh f**k i forgot my mask” like im spiderman or something

I love masks. I can’t believe I let y’all just breathe on me before.

This is interesting— You know how your breath smells like diarrhea when your mask is on? It’s because your breath smells like diarrhea

I just find it funny that the same people who refuse to wear masks in public are the same ones who insist we cover our babies with a hot blanket to breast feed.

Shout out to dudes who think masks are weak but that Batman is cool!

Yep it’s all fake. The entire world shut down and ruined their economies, just to make you wear a mask because you’re so ugly.

When my mask falls off in public I be so embarrassed like I had a nip slip something.

From now on I’m always going to wear a mask to the grocery store, I prefer a disguise when purchasing obscene amounts of junk food.

“I’m not working out with a mask on” is my new favorite excuse for not working out.

A fun thing to do when you’re wearing a face mask in public is talk like Bane

When I wear my face mask I like to think I look like a ninja. A tired, stressed, and vacant eyed ninja.

Why do I feel like everyone’s giving me Resting Mask Face?

COVID Parenting Tip: Train your children to loudly ask, "Why isn't that person wearing a mask? Are we going to get sick?" when in public.

*continues to mouth bad words at people even after mask time is over

Masks stop you getting oxygen which is why you see surgeons regularly keeling over the operating table, brides fainting halfway down the aisle. Hijab I women just passed the eff out. Dental hygienists falling face first into your gaping mouth. Cowboys falling off their horses.

9 thoughts on “One Year Into Pandemic, Let’s Look Back at The Funniest Tweets About Masks”

  1. The smallest and easiest thing that they asked us to do. Doing it is a selfless act so that we prevent ourselves from passing on potential contaminants. Very easy and very obviously a good idea. So many selfish, thoughtless and frankly stupid people in the world can’t even manage this one small thing. Sad..

  2. I still find it hard to believe that most of the folks who used to call themselves “Pro life” were against wearing masks to save lives. I did not see that coming.

  3. “The Science” has shown that places with the strictest, most fascistic mask-wearing policies had EXACTLY THE SAME flu curve as places that were cautious but didn’t act like a bunch of self-appointed supermarket tyrants. And we laid waste to how many longtime family-owned businesses for it? The only thing to come out of COVID shutdown is showing who the self-righteous are.

  4. I still find it hard to believe that most of the folks who used to yell “my body, my choice” didn’t see personal choice as something that should abridge their God-given right to tell other people what to do. I did not see that coming.


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