9 thoughts on “One Year Into Pandemic, Let’s Look Back at The Funniest Tweets About Masks”

  1. The smallest and easiest thing that they asked us to do. Doing it is a selfless act so that we prevent ourselves from passing on potential contaminants. Very easy and very obviously a good idea. So many selfish, thoughtless and frankly stupid people in the world can’t even manage this one small thing. Sad..

  2. I still find it hard to believe that most of the folks who used to call themselves “Pro life” were against wearing masks to save lives. I did not see that coming.

  3. “The Science” has shown that places with the strictest, most fascistic mask-wearing policies had EXACTLY THE SAME flu curve as places that were cautious but didn’t act like a bunch of self-appointed supermarket tyrants. And we laid waste to how many longtime family-owned businesses for it? The only thing to come out of COVID shutdown is showing who the self-righteous are.

  4. I still find it hard to believe that most of the folks who used to yell “my body, my choice” didn’t see personal choice as something that should abridge their God-given right to tell other people what to do. I did not see that coming.


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