9 thoughts on “Cats Sitting Like Tired Old Men”

  1. What happened to the red cat, penultimate photo? did they shave it???????????? if so, pls let us know who it is,

  2. Sometimes a cat’s hair will get matted and become impossible to brush out. When this happens they have to be sheared like a couple of the cats pictured above. I’ve had two cats over the years with that issue, in spite of the fact they were brushed out on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long for the hair to grow back and only needs to be done once a year.

  3. The red cat is a hairless breed.
    The last cat has a statue of him in that pose in Istanbul I think.He was very much admired for his ability to lax out.

  4. pov: the cats became there humans/owners
    *the last one* oy my yo my friends are just like my sisters and they are so nice but somtimes annoying jk LOL bruh the cat is thicer like your mom

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