Girl Math Examples That Make Total Sense To Women

What’s girl math? It’s something that only makes sense if you’re a woman. For example: “calories don’t count when you’re on your period”, or “not paying the $15 for shipping instead spending another $30 to get the free shipping“, or “packing a minimum of 14 pairs of underwear for a 7 day trip”. If you’re a man, it’s important to understand girl math so you can understand women a little better. If you’re a woman, this post will be very relatable. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

girl math is not paying the $15 for shipping instead spending another $30 to get the free shipping

Girl math is packing a minimum of 14 pairs of underwear for a 7 day trip.

girl math is thinking u can get ready in 10 mins

Girl math. If i pay for it using actual cash, i basically didn’t spend anything or it was free because there’s no proof of spending.

Girl math is thinking that dyeing your hair or doing a piercing would magically fix everything

girl math is when I have to be at the restaurant by 6pm means I have to leave around 5pm because I need to go through traffic and find a parking spot but also means I have to get ready at 3pm to pick an outfit, do my makeup and hair

Girl math is knowing the difference between Mauve and Pink but color blind to Red flags.

Girl math is needing to buy a new outfit for every special event no matter how much stuff you have in your closet already

It’s September, I bought tickets to a concert that is in march. By that time, it’s going to the show for free

Girl math is not buying certain items because you can make it for cheaper at home and spending more on crafting material.

Girl math is thinking that there’s a rich guy out there who is willing to give you the life you want for absolutely nothing in return

i had £70 to buy a pair of shoes, got a 10% student discount and then went to a cafe and got food for £7. the food was therefore free

You broke a sweat today so you can technically afford an extra 400 calories today.

girl math is: if you can go a week without hearing from me, let’s round it up to the rest of your life bucko

Having lunch with 2 friends instead of one so I don’t have to talk as much so I can focus on my food

girl math is saying if i don't look at my bank account i can't see the money leaving and seeing is believing so i am not actually losing money since i do not see it happening

Girl math is using your two hands to hold 5 different things at the same time

Girl math is having less money than a man but calling the same man broke.

Deleting a whole app to avoid one person. Girl math

She bought a $500 purse, but she’s going to use it every day for a year, so it's really only $1.37 per day.

girl math is thinking you have a bright future with a guy that ignores you all day to play league of legends

girl math is so real… i returned something for $90 and then bought something for $100 so i really only spent $10! what a deal

girl math is having 8 pillows on your bed, but only sleeping with 2.

girl math is going on vacation with 8 friends and coming back with 3

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13 thoughts on “Girl Math Examples That Make Total Sense To Women”

  1. I know guy that do many of the same things, and most of the ones in the list don’t apply to me as an actual woman. Sexism isn’t cool; what’s next, “omg women can’t drive, amirite? lol” ?

  2. Let me extend the one from MyNameJeff: …because your husband keeps handing you stuff to hold like you’re his mama.

    We (I) had words about that. Mmhm.

  3. If it wasn’t clear from my first comment, I am not a girl. At least not biologically

  4. Apparently I (a woman) am not a girl, mainly because I don’t have horrible spending habits, and don’t take hours to get ready. My “girl math” largely involves which epilepsy medication I need to order this week for my dog based on how long the current supply will last, and how many seizures she needs to have in what amount of time before I start her on her emergency meds.

  5. Girl math is being in a restaurant and your friends asking for you to pay and them saying they are going to pay you back so your basically winning money

  6. Girl math is hating on female kpop idols for the smallest things but would bail their fav male kpop idol out of jail for them doing the worst shit to a 16 y/o girl. For example when V of BTS accidentally followed Jennie of Blackpink on Instagram, Jennie was the one that got hate and when Wonyoung of IVE and Sunghoon of Enhypen were MC together on Music Bank, some people thought Wonyoung had a crush on Sunghoon and people hated her for it, stop that shit.

  7. Getting $30 more stuff for free shipping instead of paying $15 shipping is just wise. You’re spending $15 more than you would to get $30 of stuff. It’s half price!


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