Hilarious Times People Made The Mistake of Wearing Red To Target

We have all wandered our favorite stores slightly lost until we see the familiar uniform of an employee, there to save us. One of the most infamous uniforms from these superstores is that of the Target employee: a red shirt paired with khaki pants. Unwittingly, more people than you might imagine have wandered into the big red store only to realize they were wearing the exact uniform of the employees… Scroll down to see a funny list of their cautionary tales.

PSA: Don't wear an all red hoodie to Target. Two people asked me if I worked there and an actual employee asked me grab something off the shelf because she couldn't reach.

Note to self, don’t wear a red polo to Target. (No, I don’t know where the press on letters are).


Some notes to mention from my 2 hours employed at Target...

Shopping at Target while wearing a red shirt: Never again.

Made a rookie mistake & wore red to Target today. Helped 3 customers find products & explained how to save 5% w/Target red card. Figured that was quicker than explaining I don't work there.

Accidentally wore my red coat to Target and long story short I'm now assistant manager.

Pro tip: don't wear red in Target.

I'm at Target wearing my Devin Hayes merch and someone just asked me if I worked here. pro tip: don't wear red to Target.

F*cked up and wore a red sweater at target. 5 people have asked me for help.

When you're at Target and people keep asking you questions and you realize you wore an unfortunate color combo :/

Note to self: don't go to Target whilst wearing tan pants and a red shirt. Just had a lady ask to speak to my manager because I didn't know where the baby food was.

I'll never wear a RED shirt to Target again! Stopped 15 times n yelled at 4 not knowing if we sold air conditioners.

Don't wear this shirt to Target on #blackfriday.

I messed up and wore a red hoodie to target everyone thinks I work here EVEN WITH SUNGLASSES ON pls send help

A Target employee thought I worked here...that's the last time I wear khakis and a red shirt in here.

Don't wear red sweater in Target bc people ask questions. Luckily, I helped a lady find a universal remote.

PRO TIP: If you find yourself wearing a red shirt at Target on Black Friday weekend, just go ahead & help people with their questions. It's fun!

10 thoughts on “Hilarious Times People Made The Mistake of Wearing Red To Target”

  1. Hmmm, Just wear red shirt and tan slacks so you can load up a cart with Big TVs and “help” customers out with their purchase. ;-P

  2. I once wore camo on holiday, by the end of week 2 I’d killed 73 insurgents, captured a hill and came home with sunburn and a DSC.

  3. Kevin O’Neil is fibbing. Target does not have “managers”. Even with the proper terminology, we don’t have “assistant managers” either.

  4. Customers are just so glad to see anything remotely resembling staff that it’s worth asking them. It’s the getting screamed at part that I find unfair.

  5. I can’t tell if the last guy was being sarcastic or not, but if he wasn’t that was a very nice thing to do :D

  6. I wonder what happens if you walk into State Farm with the same clothing. Will people start asking to buy insurance?

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